1. O

    SOLD Streamlight TLR7a

    Streamlight TLR7a less than 3 months old. $90 paypal shipped.
  2. O

    SOLD Surefire X300a Ultra

    Surefire x300a Ultra with light and box. $160 paypal shipped
  3. O

    SOLD Surefire x300a

    Like new surefire x300a. $180 paypal shipped
  4. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD WTS/WTT: Traust bag from Mile High w/ Git-Lite Fill - $69

    Traust rear bag from Mile High with Git-Lite Fill. Multicam, great condition. Love this bag- super light and stable with straps to adjust height and firmness. Also has strap/QD buckle to attach to gun. Fill can be added/removed as well. Could even swap fills with your Schmedium or similar size...
  5. O

    Accessories Like new tailhook and APC9 mags

    New Tailhook MOD 1C Brace: $50 paypal Shipped. New B&T Magazines x2 with B&T Bumper pads: SOLD
  6. D

    Question on ND filters and CPL on scopes

    I've been having issues with blowout (that's probably not the technical term, but the scope "washes out" in white shooting in high light or snowy environments). This is the scenario I'm trying to fix. Granted I do not run ultra high end optics, however, I've heard people running diopters...
  7. GwOtTrApLoRd

    Accessories Surefire Helmet Light

    Surefire helmet light $100 shipped.
  8. B

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Hellcat Holster Recommendations +/- Optics and Light?

    Hey Folks, After trying out the hellcat, p365, and p365 XL, I ended up with the Hellcat as a new concealed carry firearm. I wanted to crowdsource a few opinions on the following: 1. What's your favorite IWB/AIWB and OWB holster for a Hellcat that include an Optic Cut? (thinking about getting...
  9. G

    Advanced Marksmanship SAC Zero for Light Rifle?

    Have any of you put a Standard Atmospheric Zero on your light rifle (.308 or match rifle)? If so, have you made new calculations on a zero sheet for new locations? I would be interested on what tables you are using for the effects of barometer and temperature on your new sight settings.
  10. pistolpete75

    Question about a light palma barrel.

    How hot does a light palma barrel need to get before it gets unpreditable? The reason why I am asking this question is, for the first 25 rounds everything was great. 100yards to 1000yards, it shot on the nose. Then all of a sudden, I start shooting high and right. This was all the way from...
  11. B

    Maggie’s Your Daddy Eats Light Bulbs?

    I had an ol' boy in elementary school tell me one day that his Daddy eats light bulbs. I said you're crazy, your Daddy don't eat light bulbs. He replied "yeah he does, I heard him tell Mama last night to cut that light off, I'm gonna eat that thang"!
  12. C

    Rifle Scopes nightforce ultra light mount

    just bought a set of nightforce ultralight rings with bubble (level) they are made of aluminum and titanium for my peace of mind is these rings as good has they say? they will be used to mount my 2.5-10x32 Nightforce scope on my 30-06 hunting rifle thank you Michel
  13. LoneWolfUSMC

    Gunsmithing Badger EFR on a B&C Light Tactical?

    Does anyone know if you can install a Badger Ordinance EFR on a B&C Light Tactical stock? I may need a way to install a PVS-22 on my rifle and I would rather not go the LaRue STOMP route if I don't have to.
  14. AZgotAmmo

    Light Primer Strike Problem

    I don't know if i should've posted this in the reload forum or here but here it is. Was wondering if you guys could help me diagnose an issue... I was out at the range today shooting lake city through my .308. 2 out of the twenty rounds of lake city i shot.. i pull the trigger and just hear...
  15. 4

    Suppressors Dawson Precision SF Military Light Rail/Adapter

    Hi, I am running Surefire Military light on my 1911 with MR07 adapter. It is a solid unit but it is big and ugly. Does anyone know where I can get the dawson rail adapter for Surefire Military light? I've called Dawson but they are out and discontinued and not taking any special order. My guess...
  16. MLC

    Gunsmithing Light primer strikes R700 223 AI, J lock?

    I just got my rifle back from the smith. I loaded up 50 fireforming loads with Lapua brass, CCI BR4's and H-335& Benchmark. I had several rounds that required 2-3 strikes to ignite the primer. Could the J lock cause this? What else might cause it? I'm hoping it's not the primers as I have...
  17. jephs422

    Rifle Scopes clarity and light gathering comparisons.

    I have a lot of glass on a lot of different rifles, but you'll be hard pressed to find anything over the $500.00 mark. It's not that I don't appreciate fine glass, nor do can I not afford it (well to a point). Typically after spending a few k on a rifle, I don't have much left over so I end up...
  18. A

    light tactical hunter. build

    im thinking of building a light tactical hunting rifle. this is my first build and i hope to get it right first time. i want the weight of the rifle to be about 9 lbs W/O scope. i was thinking of building the rifle with switch barrels. in 280 Rem AI and 9.3x62 mauser so a standard bolt face and...
  19. P

    Gunsmithing Barrel channel on B&C Light Tactical stock

    Hello all, Can someone let me know how wide the barrel channel is on a B&C Light Tac stock? Looks like it tapers in in the first couple of inches past the recoil lug and then straightens out... Asking because I currently have a Rock barrel blank that is 1.20" for 4", and then straight tapers...
  20. M

    Fieldcraft White light on rifle?

    Before I get to my question I'll give you a little background that'll shed some light on why I'm asking this. I'm the Sniper for a small town police department SRT. I train to take shots from 10 yards out to 300+. These ranges fit the my urban/rural surroundings. My rifle currently has a Super...