1. E

    limbsaver for AICS

    Quick question. Doesn't limbsaver have a model that fits the AICS? Or will I have to go with a "grind-to-fit" model?
  2. pshell

    Gunsmithing Limbsaver Recoil Pad install

    Finally got around to starting the install on my grind to fit recoil pad. This is going onto a HS 700P stock. Thought I would post to show how easy this really is. You just need to take your time and try to remember that you can't put the material back once you grind it off. To the pictures...
  3. Dsparil

    Gunsmithing Manners t4 stock and limbsaver pad

    I am about to order a t4 stock from manners as I've finally sold my HTG. Can these be fitted with grind-to-fit limbsaver pads or is the stock a little too big?
  4. Dsparil

    HTG Stock and slip-on limbsaver pad size?

    what size limbsaver pad would work best with an HTG stock?
  5. Dsparil

    Gunsmithing Changing buttpad from pachmayr to limbsaver

    is this possible on an HTG stock that came from the factory with a pachmayr decelerator?
  6. E

    Limbsaver for Magpul PRS

    I keep reading that people are putting Limbsaver products on their Magpul PRS stocks. Whick one works? I looked all over their site and there's not a recommendation to be had. I called and they thought the model 10101 for a Remington synthetic stock will work. I want to be sure before I...
  7. S

    Range Report limbsaver de-resonator ?

    does anyone use them and how well do they work if at all ?
  8. B

    Limbsaver Pad Installation

    My 5R is at the gunsmith having some trigger work done. I was thinking of having a limbsaver recoil pad added while the smith has it. Does anyone know what a fair price is to install? I know it is expoxied on and not an easy job. Thanks.