1. MLC

    Gunsmithing Light primer strikes R700 223 AI, J lock?

    I just got my rifle back from the smith. I loaded up 50 fireforming loads with Lapua brass, CCI BR4's and H-335& Benchmark. I had several rounds that required 2-3 strikes to ignite the primer. Could the J lock cause this? What else might cause it? I'm hoping it's not the primers as I have...
  2. uvson

    Range Report G7 and Lapua's 170-gr Lock Base

    Hi, I'm looking for the BC G7 for the Lapua's 170-gr Lock Base. I would like to compare to Lapua's 155-gr Scenar with ballistic explorer I have 878m/s (verified) with the 155gr and nearly 820m/s with the 170gr, but wich choose!! Thank you
  3. W

    Maggie’s Picking a combination lock!

    Deleted due to drama!!!! Was not meant to cause a problem!!
  4. arjuna70

    Hornady Lock N Load AP EZ-JECT

    I have decided to start reloading. I've been reading the old threads here and other forums and very helpful Reloading 101 by Doc. I wanted the opinion of some precision shooters from here about the Hornady press. I shoot Bullseye pistol primarily and lots of 45ACP and 38spl. I would also...
  5. S

    Advanced Marksmanship Pod Lock for $12

    Here is info for ordering Pod-Lock for half price http://www.ar15.com/forums/topic.html?b=3&f=19&t=336786 Ordered mine from T-Nuts---BPL-ZS http://t-nuts.com/index.php?cPath=73&osCsid=9b75b4e3d580c0286f3356900baa8003 Including shipping and used ar15 coupon--AR152009 the total was $11.73