1. 3

    Rifle Scopes Scope Base Keeps Loosening, Please Help

    I have a savage 111 in 300 wm with a weaver 20 moa base which keeps coming loose. I have tried blue loctite which didn't work so a guy at the range said I should try fishing line down in the threads which would act as a nyloc nut but that didn't work. I liked the concept so I tried two pieces...
  2. S


    Just purchased a older model rem. 700. previous owner used Loctite red on screws to secure scope base. Any Ideas on how to break the loctite free. Called mfg. of same they advised high heat. Any other ideas on a fix other than high heat. Thanks
  3. Dsparil

    Gunsmithing Removing Blue Loctite

    how? turn rifle upside and place a candle over the screws where they've been sealed shut? I put way too much and I can't even get my allen head screwdrivers inside the screws. How do you get rid of this shit? thanks
  4. TexanAviator

    Gunsmithing Scope base + loctite question

    Noob mistake on my part last week. Followed Badgers instructions and used some loctite on the base and screws. Ended up having to take everything apart early yesterday and was left with a bit of loctite residue on the base and receiver. Got most of it off though. Reinstalled with BLUE loctite...