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  1. z71rat

    Photos I love mornings...

    Some people walk their dogs... I walk my Savage!!
  2. S

    Maggie’s Long, but you gotta love it !!

    Please read the whole thing,,, You'll love it. I am reminded that "God Works in Mysterious Ways " Tampons (A TRUE STORY) Tampons to the rescue in Iraq !! Don't worry, it's a good story, and worth reading. It's even humorous in parts. It's from the mother of a Marine in Iraq . My son...
  3. Kenco Arms

    you gotta love the NRA

  4. JRose

    Love my AICS!

    Finally picked up an AICS for my Remmy, and man I LOVE IT! Fits me so much better than my old B&C. It is a little heavier, but fugg it, it's worth it. Only problem is, that even with the cheek piece all the way down, it's still a bit to high. Has anybody planed off the bottom of the bottom of...
  5. gunman_7

    Maggie’s DOGS - Got to love 'em Video

  6. cybersniper

    Rifle Scopes I love my new SN3

    Here is my new SN3 TPAL 5-25x58 and RDP Mil ilum reticle. Aweosme scope and much nicer than the S&B PMII that came with my AI. If I would change anything I would change the RDP to add small fractions of Mil to help stimation. Eduardo I hope you like it too...