1. 95LTZ

    Rifle Scopes Newcon LRB 3000 PRO

    I have had a Newcon LRB 3000 PRO laser range finder for awhile. It has worked very well for me. Previous to Sat. the farthest that I had ranged anything was 1899 yards. While shooting on a powerline with some other "Hiders", they were down checking/pasting/repairing targets & way off in the...
  2. M

    New LRB M25 with S&B 1.1-4x24

    Just finished a LRB M25 with a S&B 1.1-4x25 FD9 I look forward to getting it out to the range Then the field next weekend!! merlinn merlinn
  3. M

    LRB M25 rifles

    In your opinion how are LRB built M25's? I can get a bare receiver or have a complete rifle built. Specs; M25 receiver, USGI bolt, Criterion NM chrome lined medium wt barrel, Sadlak spring guide, trigger job, their improved gas cylinder, NM sights. I have not seen a build from them, has...
  4. M

    LRB M25 build (pics)

    Just got the barreled action home for my new toy. I ordered it 7 months ago!!! So damn happy but my JAE-100 stock should be here in two weeks. LRB M25 R/L receiver Krieger Heavy wt. s/s 1:10 twist Sadlak Titanium gas piston Sadlak N/M Spring Guide Springfield...