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    Rifle Scopes Millet LRS-1, focus ring

    Hi all, I have a Millet LRS-1 and have a question. First off the scope tracks true and the glass is ok for what I use it for. My question is, I noticed that the focus ring is off, meaning that @100yds it is indicating 60-70yds. Beyond 200yds it indicates 100-125yds on the ring. As long as the...
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    Rifle Scopes Millet LRS-1 Tactical Scopes

    Has anyone had any experience with one of the Millet LRS-1 Tactical scopes? I'm looking at the 6-25x56 with the 35mm tube. For the price, it sounds like a pretty good deal, but I just wanted to see what someone else thought.
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    Rifle Scopes Millett LRS-1 Illuminated reticle

    Are those out yet .any feed back if so thanks
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    Sig/Blaser LRS1 ejector issue

    I (well, my department) have a LRS1 Blaser and when I shot it this weekend I had an issue with rounds hanging up short of the chamber. I eventually figured out the rounds were popping up to feed but were jumping up over top of the ejector. The ejector is a spring plunger with a small rounded...