1. ECHO4

    LWRC M6A2. Worth the extra buck?

    I was thinking of getting a black gun. Pondering between Colt 6940 and the M6A2. I'll just be using it for plinking. Is M6A2 worth the extra coin just for that application? Thanks for any insight.
  2. W

    Photos LWRC M6A2 getting some use

    Who can come up with the best caption?
  3. Short-Fuze

    Help me decide Noveske N4 Shorty or LWRC M6A2 6.8

    Please help me decide on my next purchase as I am torn between the Noveske and the LWRC.
  4. F

    Suppressors my LWRC M6A2 kit

    i know some people will say WHY beacause i felt like it and i can i know i know i need a tan case the deployment case contains M6A2 finished in worn cyote AAC M4-2000 supressor Elcan Spetre DR 1x and 4X with 5.56 BDC LMT sopmod stock laser devises Otal 6 P-mags FDE loaded...