1. T

    Gunsmithing hideing scuff marks

    How do I hide scuff marks on a ss barrel? I have a m40a1 build from TBA, It has several scuff marks on the barrel. Should I try cold blue or is there somthing else that would work better? Terry
  2. S

    Rifle Scopes Nightforce Zero Stop and no elevation marks?

    I saw a Nightforce 5.5x22 with a zero stop for the first time today. It didn't have the elevation marks so you know what revolution you are on. I was just wondering if this is normal and how everyone likes it? I know it has the zero stop but I would still like the elevation marks on the turret.
  3. WillAdams

    Gunsmithing HELP !! Marks on Brass

    Friend bought an Armalite AR10T 24" after having had one of their AR10 carbines. He was up here the other weekend and we went shooting using some never fired LC brass I had. Loaded up 50 - 168 Amax and IMR4895 powder. Rifle shoots very accurate and he was extremely happy to get out to 800 (his...
  4. rweldon

    700P identifying marks

    Does any 700P rifle have identifying marks on the receiver or barrel anywhere that say 700P or Police? Is the only thing to distinguish a 700P form a SPS varmit w/ 26" barrels just the different stocks?
  5. fastford

    Suppressors AAC Cans with indexing marks question scar h sprm4

    When you slip you can on to say setting 2, after you twist it on, does it come to a stop exactly on the 2 postion or off a few notches?