1. LongRange98

    Firearms Custom .300 WM Bergara.

    Up for sale or trade my custom Bergara B14 HMR .300 win mag. Upgrades as follows, McMillan A5 ADJ stock, Nightforce ATACR 7-35x56 with Mil C reticle f2, Rare MARS 20 MOA rail, 5 port beast brake, Harris SBR2 bipod, bubble level, comes with a Vault hard case. Rifle has about 100 rounds through...
  2. DirtyDave69420

    Accessories McMillan U-10 Rem 700 short action Stock for sale

    Stock doesn't fit me that well. Asking $850 OBO Hawkins precision Bottom metal sold separately I could part with it for $120 I've attached the build sheet to this thread Can do Goods and services you float the fee
  3. dcogan@360Precision

    Firearms Custom Terminus Kratos, McMillan, Proof Research 7mm Bolt-Action - for sale

    360 Precision custom shop produced this rifle with the following: McMillan Adjustable Game Warden Stock, Terminus Kratos inlet ($850) Terminus Kratos Lite, Long Action, Magnum Bolt Face, 20MOA Right Hand ($1,450) Remington Long Action Oberndorf Bottom Metal ($185) TriggerTech Rem 700 Special...
  4. dcogan@360Precision

    SOLD Remington 700, McMillan, Proof Research 6.5 Creedmoor Bolt-Action - for sale

    360 Precision custom shop produced this rifle with the following: McMillan Carbon Ambush Stock ($795) REM 700 Stainless Short Action Standard .308 ($520) PTG Remington 700 Recoil Lug .300 Thick Stainless Steel ($55) Proof Research 26” Carbon Fiber Barrel .264 8 Twist 4 Groove Sendero ($729)...
  5. KhaymKhaym

    SOLD WTS Kelbly Panda Action - 6x47 Kreiger - McMillian Stock - Smooth as Glass. Price Drop

    Hey Guys, The title says it all really. The rifle was built by Kelblys and is glued and screwed into stock. Shoots lights out. Scope: NightForce 12-42x Brand New Kelbly Rings Kreiger 6x47 1-8T Barrel - 180 round count Kelbly Panda Polished and Pink Lettering Added to Match Stock McMillan Stock...
  6. N

    SOLD McMillan game scout with grayboe dbm

    STOCK, bottom metal and action screws only. McMillan adjustable game scout for Remington 700 SA. Grayboe m5 bottom metal (stock was inletted by LRI). Barrel channel was opened up a bit (I had a Wilson #4 in it). Bolt knob area was filed a bit and is rough, but you could clean it up. Will...
  7. aroddc3

    SOLD APR 300 PRC

    Selling my APR 300 PRC. This is a full custom rifle. It's a hunting rifle that can be shot comfortable at the range as well. Decided to get into 22lr competitions to "save money" (LOL), so I need to offload this. This thing hammers, especially feral pigs. Here are the build details. I have...
  8. aroddc3

    SOLD APR 6.5 Creedmoor Tack Driver

    Selling my APR 6.5 Creedmoor. Here are the build details. I have the build sheet if someone is interested. - McMillan A3-5 ADJ fully bedded with spacers. Full length pic rail and 8" Area 419 ARCA rail included. - Defiance Deviant Tactical SA* - Bartlein Heavy Varmint 26" 1:8" 6.5 Creedmoor...
  9. Georgedubya

    SOLD Alamo Precision 6.5 Creed

    Looking to re-home this 6.5 Creedmoor built by Alamo Precision Rifles. She’s a fantastic shooter, but I just have too many other nice rifles and don’t give her enough love. Particulars of the build are set forth in the attached post, and include: -Defiance Deviant Tactical -26” Bartlein 1:7.5...
  10. Dvando20

    R700 Stocks that fit Badger Max recoil lug?

    I have a Rem700 short action with tactical contour barrel and Badger maximized .312" recoil lug. I was looking into an HS Precision stock but read that it will not fit this size lug without grinding or milling. Outside of a custom made stock, what options are out there in the realm of HTG/M40A1...
  11. Kimber.204

    SOLD FN SPR / SAC some assembly required

    I bought these items about 8 months ago from another member on this forum, but I haven't touched them since. It's time to send this to a good home where it will be enjoyed. - FN SPR barreled action - action blueprinted by Short Action Customs, Bartlein Barrel, 5R, MTU contour 1:11 twist I...
  12. A

    Accessories Pre 2014 AX AICS Chassis for Long Action

    Used Pre 2014 AX AICS Chassis for Long Action. Was used on Surgeon 1086 action. Should work with Remington 700 clones. Comes with Saw Tooth Arca rail. Has a cut out on the fore end (see photo). Price $1,050. Shipping CONUS.
  13. gcmiller04

    Accessories WTT MPA BA comp chassis for stock

    Looking to trade my R700 SA MPA BA Comp chassis for a R700 SA stock of equal value or cash on your end. Interested mainly in lighter Manners stocks (EH1/LRH) and McMillan stocks (A3/A3-5/A4/A5) Will also consider Grayboe with cash if its right.
  14. OGER

    Accessories WTS McMillan A6

    Selling my McMillan A6 stock. I bought this earlier this year with plans to A-B it next to an A5 and keep whichever felt better on me. It is brand new out of the box - had the barreled action dropped in it but never fired a round in it. Selling for $925 TYD. Save a hundred bucks and the 6-8 week...
  15. SonoranArmament

    Bore sighting and break in for precision rifle

    Hey everyone! I’m getting my YouTube channel up and rolling. I did a little video on how I bore sight and break in my precision rifles. There are a lot of different break in procedures done out there, but this one seems to work for me. Check out the video and let me know what ya think!
  16. S

    GA Precision Rifle Action Torque Specs

    What is the recommended torque value for the two action screws on a GA Precision FBI rifle? It’s a Templar action bedded in a McMillan A3-5 stock. Thanks!
  17. HowiePb82

    Firearms Tikka LA

    Tikka 300wm McMillan A5 with RRS rail and pic rail Sterk bolt knob Yo Dave trigger Atlas Cal 2 brand new just mounted TBAC brake Bartlein 28” fit finish Bushnell XRSII w/H59 Spuhr mount 5 AI mags Have original barrel also Also have 300wmammo Less than 100rds Reason for selling just need...
  18. GoferDog

    Sako p94s stock question

    Gday guys, I would like to know if the p94 action will work in a stock with the Quad/Finnfire II inlet. The reason for this is that McMillan have discontinued in letting for the p94 and to have it done here is proving to be difficult. Would really like to save the varmint stock. Thanks (I...
  19. 98dieselguy

    Accessories Sold- McMillan Z10 PRS stock

    Basically brand new McMillan Z10 PRS with M5 bottom metal and arca rail with barrier stop. Colors are molded Rem SA inlet $950 shipped, or would trade for MPA Comp chassis with weight kit
  20. T

    SOLD WTS: McMillan A1-3 Short Action Stock Price Reduced

    Selling a used McMillan A1-3 Short Action Stock in Olive Drab Green Its been milled to take a Badger Ordnance M5 BDM but should be able to adapt to a M4 BDM for use with a XM-3 clone build, Major Price Reduction, I need to sell this before I transfer to my new command. Asking (was $650.00)...