1. GoferDog

    Sako p94s stock question

    Gday guys, I would like to know if the p94 action will work in a stock with the Quad/Finnfire II inlet. The reason for this is that McMillan have discontinued in letting for the p94 and to have it done here is proving to be difficult. Would really like to save the varmint stock. Thanks (I...
  2. 98dieselguy

    Accessories Sold- McMillan Z10 PRS stock

    Basically brand new McMillan Z10 PRS with M5 bottom metal and arca rail with barrier stop. Colors are molded Rem SA inlet $950 shipped, or would trade for MPA Comp chassis with weight kit
  3. T

    SOLD WTS: McMillan A1-3 Short Action Stock Price Reduced

    Selling a used McMillan A1-3 Short Action Stock in Olive Drab Green Its been milled to take a Badger Ordnance M5 BDM but should be able to adapt to a M4 BDM for use with a XM-3 clone build, Major Price Reduction, I need to sell this before I transfer to my new command. Asking (was $650.00)...
  4. B

    Custom hunting rifle advice/builder

    I’ve got a mid ‘90’s Synthetic/stainless 700 bdl in 30 06 I’d really like to upgrade the stock and re-barrel. I’d like to keep the rifle looking as similar to the original as possible. I’ve got my heart set on the McMillan Remington classic stock, but don’t know enough to decide on the barrel...
  5. Kimber.204

    Accessories McMillan Marksman - Inletted for SA TL3

    I have a McMillan Marksman stock inletted for: - Bighorn TL3 short action (will also work for most Rem 700 clones) - Remington Varmint barrel (I presently have a Proof Carbon Sendaro barrel on my TL3 and it is slightly too big for the barrel channel of this stock but all of my varmint tapers fit...
  6. T

    Firearms McMillan 7.82 Warbird (sold)

    Custom McMillan in 7.82 Warbird. Comes with 151 rounds of what appears to me as once fired brass. 75 rounds of loaded ammo and RCBS dies included. I’ve never shot this rifle. Bought it off a friend that had an uncle pass away. The gun is in pristine and if I had to guess the brass you see in...
  7. TheBigDirty1833

    WTB CZ 455 stock

    WTB CZ 455 stock. Preferably McMillan or Manners. LMK what you have. Thanks
  8. Bebop

    Accessories (Sold) Mcmillan Mc3 short action carbon fiber filled polymer stock ($320 free shipping)

    New MC3 Legend Deluxe Plus Black Carbon Fiber DBM- Rem 700 short action MDT Polymer 10 round .308 magazine Polymer DBM with trigger guard 100% Xenolite Composite material with added carbon fiber for unmatched rigidity and stiffness Aluminum Pillars bedded in during molding Molded to fit...
  9. P

    Firearms Custom Gradous Rifles 6.5 cm - Surgeon 591 / BM, Jewell Triggers, McMillan A-5, Cerakote

    Times are tough, gotta let go of one of my favorites. 6.5cm on a Surgeon 591 action, custom built by Robert Gradous. I bought this rifle on SH a couple years ago and have unfortunately not had much time behind it, but the time I did have was incredible. I am waiting to confirm all of the build...
  10. Lucks

    Left Hand Sale SOLD

    RIFLE SOLD!!! Thank you Chris! I’m selling a lefty 6.5 creedmoor I had built to be a short, handy, suppressed hunting rifle but this rifle could work as a match rifle too. It was built by Aaron Roberts with Roberts Precision Rifles. No expense was spared and all the work is world class...
  11. Kimber.204

    WTS: McMillan HTG with Whidden V-Block

    Looking to sell this McMillan HTG Has an adjustable cheek piece, and a couple stock spacers along with a Limbsaver recoil pad. I bought this at the beginning of the year from another forum. It came with the CDI bottom metal. The previous owner had it bedded for a 700 but the bedding was cracked...
  12. L

    Accessories Manners MCS-TF2A - SOLD

    Manners MCS-TF2A Kimber 8400 Short Action inlet - Adv. Tactical 1, 2, SOC, SRC - badger ERF (NV rail) -Flush cups (left and rear) -Mini Chassis (AI patter mags) -Folding stock -Adj. Cheek riser - molded forest camo I have had this brand new stock for years and never did anything with it. Time...
  13. L

    Browning X-Bolt Hells Canyon Speed Long Range McMillan

    Has anyone bought the Browning X-Bolt Hells Canyon Speed Long Range McMillan rifle chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor? I am considering this rifle along with a Vortex Diamondback Tactical 6-24X50 for my new deer gun this season. Anyone have any insight on the gun? Looks really nice from what I've seen...
  14. brianjohnson

    6.5 creedmoor by GA Precision

    I have a remington 700 action built by matt hoch of GA. No ga stamp only builders stamp. Badger recoil lug, bartlein barrel in Remington varmint contour. I believe its 22 inches if memory serves me correctly. Has 20 moa seekins base and seekins bottom metal. Timney 510 trigger. Bedded in a...
  15. L

    Gunsmithing What size bolt face for 338 lapua?

    Hey y'all, I'm looking at doing my first custom rifle build. The plan is to build a 338 lapua. Looking for any advice I can get. So far, all I've decided is that I want to go with a McMillan stock, Surgeon Rifles action, and I'm leaning towards a night force scope. Which brings me to my...
  16. T

    McMillan A5 Carbon Ambush Stocks

    Does anyone have a McMillan A5 Carbon Ambush particularly in Forest or Woodland I'm trying to find pictures but can't seem to find anything other than whats on the McMillan site. I'm getting ready to order a A5 Carbon Ambush and I'm undecided on which pattern to choose. Thanks
  17. bhoges

    My 308 4th paint job lets see how long I keep it!

    I bought this stock used on the Hide years ago. It looked like Ray Charles himself painted it. Im pretty gun with a spray gun since I used to paint cars. My problem is I get bored of the paint too fast. When Cerakote came out with Vortex Bronze I bought a can asap. After doing the metal I was...
  18. Lowlight

    SH on the Kelly McMillan Radio Show - Listen

    yesterday I was on the Kelly McMillan Radio Show, we talked about SH having a huge hand in the development of the MCM A5 Stock I have a listen, we start at the 32 Minute Mark It's easy to have on in...
  19. S

    Gunsmithing Bedding question

    How's it going guys. I plan on bedding my r700 and mcmillan stock but have one question regarding a stress free bedding job. when I torque the action down, the barrel favors to the right of the barrel channel but remains free floated. It's only a matter of OCD on my part but I want to center it...
  20. bhoges

    Rem 700 223 build range report and build update

    A few weeks back my buddy wanted to do a writeup on velocity vs barrel length on a 223 factory rifle. I just happened to have a stock Rem700Vs in 223 with a 26in barrel. We chopped her down to 16.5 inches and recorded all the readings along the way. Well once my rifle was pretty much destroyed I...