1. 4

    McMillan lead Times ?

    Hey guys looking at getting a McMillan A-4 for my custom build with their marble finish and a couple of other add ons. Anyone have any idea of there current lead time of stocks? I would call them but it is the weekend....Thanks guys !
  2. Pusher591

    Custom 308

    I had the fortunate opportunity to have a new build done. I had close friend agreed to build this for me and my newborn son (I'll let him reply if he chooses to take credit, as he is somewhat retired and I'm humbled he agreed to build it for us). A brief history about this rifle. It started...
  3. bhoges

    Got tired of shooting F Class in open with my 260 just completed an M40A3 for 600yr FTR

    Shooting my Nesika 260 in open class sucked. I also got tired of hiring b.s. from my buddy. Being left handed its tough to build a rifle a matter of a few weeks. I put a feeler out on the hide for a McMillan stock and within a day I received a reply. In a few days I was the owner of Badger M5...
  4. H

    McMillan TAC-50 A1 R2 vs. CheyTac .408 M300 Intervention

    McMillan TAC-50 A1 R2 vs. CheyTac .408 M300 Intervention Which one would you prefer and why?
  5. H

    New to LR shooting

    Hey everybody, I'm brand new to the world of long range and precision shooting. I work at a small LGS and after a few of our customers came in and ordered certain rifles I've been bitten by the bug. I'm on a very tight budget so my first rifle is likely to be a Howa 1500 with a 22" barrel and...
  6. D

    mcmillan action 50 bmg

    do you think you would see any noticible difference in acuracy between the single shot 50bmg action compared to the box feed mcmillan action ? has any one got test data to compare? cheers
  7. B

    Ordered a new McMillan stock

    Ordered up my second McMillan stock on Thursday much to my wifes chagrin. Spoke to Ryan twice during the day with different questions and guidance from him. I was operating on somewhat of a tight budget since my toilet decided to crap out on me literally and leak into my kitchen but my saint of...
  8. earthquake

    McMillan A4 stock fit a Remmington 700PSS?

    I have an IBA TPR which is built on the 700PSS platform and tweaked some. Link: The HS stock that comes with it does not fit my hand very well, and its non-adjustable. I wanted to upgrade to the McMillan A3 - A5 style...
  9. J

    McMillan stock differences?

    I was originally under the impression that each new model was superior to all the older ones... but I keep seeing a bunch of people favoring other McMillan models. What are the pros/cons of them all? If it matters... I'm 5'10", have medium sized hands... and plan on mostly shooting at distances...
  10. E

    Gunsmithing Mcmillan Butt Pad install tutorial?

    I have done one, was not all that pleased with it, but it was passable. I would love to see someone else's method, or just hear some tips. I drilled into the back of the stock and epoxied in some pieces of dowel rod to accept the screws for pad. Then I taped around the stock and sanded it...
  11. jayjaytuner

    mcmillan ordering...

    i got a confirmation email from mcmillan about a stock i ordered.......anyone know or remember if you have to print it out, and sign it/send it to them...... theres just a place on the bottom to sign it, obviously a question to ask mcmillan but there closed for the weekend...
  12. R

    McMillan M-86 Barrel re-placement

    My old M-86 is getting ready for a re-barrel job. The original shot real well, and I wondered if any members knew what barrels were used for the M-86. Thanks
  13. S

    KMW vs McMillan cheek piece?

    I was wondering the weight difference between the KMW cheek piece and the two thumb screw McMillan (not the thumb wheel one)? I know the KMW is steal and the McMillan is aluminum, but wanted to know how much more the KMW weighed? (I would like to keep the rifle as light as possible.) Also if...
  14. A

    Manners or McMillan for Finnfire?

    Guys: I've been following the Quad trainer threads etc with interest. I have a Finnfire varmint which I'm considering giving similar treatment. Is the Sako quad inlet sufficiently similar to alter to the Finnfire footprint or do either of the big Ms inet specifically for the Finnfire action? Any...
  15. J

    Gunsmithing Replacing gel coat on a mcmillan stock

    What do you guys do when you sand below the gel coat on a mcmillan (fibreglass) stock. Do you need to re-seal it or will it be fine left as is ? Had to sand the bottom metal inlet Any replys appreciated Thanks Jason
  16. S

    Problem McMillan A5 Stock on Savage Rifle

    I took my rifle apart today because I thought the accuracy had diminished (but still pretty good). I noticed that the rear screw hole was cracked right down the middle of the rifle from the magazine well back to the trigger area and it’s all the way through. I guess I had over tightened the...
  17. F

    McMillan A1-3 for a Savage MK11 .22LR?

    Has anyone ever heard of anyone inletting this stock for a Savage MKII? I have this stock on my Remington 700 in .308 and would love to create a .22LR trainer with a rifle I already own.
  18. T

    McMillan stocks

    Hi all, Quick question. Right now I have a 700 5r that needs a new stock. Want to get a MM a5 that is marblized. I've done searches both regular and advanced to look at others combos and haven't come up with a whole lot. So, if you have one please post and include the percent of the colors...
  19. treebasher

    McMillan A-4 Bedding, Pillars, Etc.

    OK guys I figure it is time to pop my cherry here on SH. Next week I am dropping the coin for a new McMillan A-4 and have some questions about bedding. I have three options: 1. Do nothing and screw the action in. 2. Bedding the action. 3. Bedding and pillar the action. In the past I have...
  20. J

    Gunsmithing inletting rem700 mcmillan stock for badger action

    Hey guys, Just snagged a badger action and sold my rem700 barreled action. The mcmillan stock is inletted for the SA 700. How involved is the fitting of the badger action to this stock? Any help is appreciated.