1. H

    McRees' stock and AccuShot monopod?

    I've got a McRees' Precision stock on my .308 and I'm shooting well enough for now. But after switching from the factory stock to McRees', I've found that my old monopod (AccuShot BT-01) won't work with the new stock. So can anybody tell me how to work an AccuShot monopod with a McRees' stock?
  2. lrs50bmg

    McRees Precision 50BMG Stock Review

    My apologies to Scott for not getting this up sooner. Scott has produced a prototype stock to accept the McMillan/McBros 50 cal action. I had the opportunity to test last November at Camp Atterbury, IN. First shot to confirm zero was exactly the same with barreled action in my regular stock...
  3. cypriss32


    Today, started out as a decent day. Around 1:30pm Scott at MCREES PRECISION sent me a PM "look out for a package". So around 6:30PM something from UPS arrived, a nice brown box. I open the box and out come a stock for a M70. I must say, this stock is a bad ass piece of equipment as far as im...