1. velayo_0317

    Engaging Moving Targets - Peterson Cartridge Company 2021 Mover Stage

    ⚡️ M O V E R ⚡️ 1 target at 635 yards. Moving at 2.7 MPH. Hold is 1.5 Mils to center with my cartridge. 3 positions, 3 rounds per position on the bed of the truck. Engagement method used: Ambush Why? Based off the target distance and speed, there was ample amount of time to set up my...
  2. vprtoad

    shooting movers

    What should you do on a mover what not to do... thanks
  3. S

    Advanced Marksmanship Engaging movers from prone

    Whats a good technique as far as position is concerned for engaging a moving target from the prone position. I watched a video clip on youtube but you cannot see how the butstock is held in the shoulder, nor can you see the off hand position and the shooter was flopping around a bit to track the...