1. LucasRaymond

    WTB 300 WSM Ammo (or Brass)

    -preferably looking for Norma, Nosler brass but will take Hornady -any factory ammo I am interested in also for barrel break in but would prefer the above brands for reloading purposes
  2. dukerugger25

    Reloading Equipment Sold - (unfired) Prime stamped Norma 6.5 Creedmoor Brass

    Selling 248 pcs New (unfired) Prime stamped Norma 6.5 Creedmoor Brass. I have since sold the rifle it was intended for. Asking $150 TYD via PayPal.
  3. skulldragr17

    Reloading Equipment SOLD

    402 pieces total 351x once fired, cleaned 51x new and primed with BR4 All same lot $300 shipped No Trades
  4. Curahee19

    Reloading Equipment WTS Norma 300 saum brass SOLD

    got 197 pieces of brand new 300 saum norma brass never fired shipped for 200 to your door PayPal ff SOLD
  5. I

    Firearms Custom 338 Norma ASR Clone. ***SOLD***

    Built by Tim Humston at Suppressed Armament Systems as a clone of the SOCOM ASR. Set up for 300gr hybrids. Absolute tac driver. I just don't have the time or place to really stretch it out, and too many other projects at the moment... Will sell with or without scope/mount. -Stiller TAC 300...
  6. Safety_3rd

    Firearms Thunderbeast 338 SR for sale Form 3, can ship tomorrow

    I've got a Thunderbeast 338 SR, a 5/8-24, and a 3/4-24 brake (I think this is the other one, I will confirm). I bought it to use on my 338 Lapua and the smaller brake to try and shoot it on my 6.5 creed. I've not shot it with the 338, and have 50 rounds of 6.5 through it. Selling to fund...
  7. lowlight

    Did some testing of a solid today... @ 1k.

    So, I have this crazy, 338 Norma Mag Barrel from GAP/Bartlein that is a Gain Twist designed for some crazy monolithic solids and this week I was testing the latest batch. The goal to was to check stability and make sure they actually hit the target. Basically speaking this was Phase One...
  8. rduckwor

    Lapua versus Norma Brass

    Some time ago, I bought some .308 Norma Match because I wanted the brass and someone had a decent price on it. Shot very well, puts FGMM to shame. Anyway, processing some 1 X shot brass today and I noticed that the Norma has no visible trace of being annealed. The Lapua, of course, does...
  9. B

    Retumbo and 338 Norma Mag

    After running some quikload #'s it seems that some of the powders and loads mentioned on here for the 338 Norma Mag are over pressure. RL22 @ 83gr= 66,380psi @ 2700fps Ramshot Magnum 90gr=67,288psi @ 2741fps My question is anyone using Retumbo in there 338 Norma. It seems to deliver same speed...
  10. C

    Norma .223 brass weighing differently between lots

    Howdy, I have been reloading .223 for over two years now, using the same 100 Norma brass. I ordered another hundred a few months ago and another 100 just a week ago. I weigh each case and my old brass weighs around 101 grains, the two new batches weigh around 93 grains. Does anyone know what...
  11. C

    Anyone done a 338 Norma on a 700?

    Wondering if anyone has built a 338 Norma on a Rem 700 action yet...and does the 338 Lapua AICS magazine work without mods for the Norma round? Thanks
  12. J

    Badger M2008 - 338 Norma Magnum Build - New Pics

    Well, here it is, just got it today and shipping it off tomorrow for Ionbonding but thought I'd snap a quick picture. A big thanks to Travis of R-Bros Rifles for doing great work as always....and doing it fast. Badger Lapua Mag Action, chambered for 338 Norma Mag Rock - 1-9.4"tw - 1000 yards...
  13. 2

    300 NORMA MAG ?

    Does anyone have experience with the 300 NORMA MAG? Would like to know the ballistics capabilities of the 208 A-MAX and 240 SMK. Also, what barrel length is optimal for a full propellant burn? Thanks
  14. P

    Where is all the .338 Norma Mag Brass Pls. Help

    I have a friend in the States who will help me get some .338 Norma Mag Brass I thought BHSS was supposed to have 250,000 pieces of this stuff. Apparently its on Back Order and they dont expect it for ages !! My barrel is here and the Smith needs a couple of cases. Would anyone be willing to...
  15. G

    Gunsmithing .300 Norma -warning two sets of dimentions!

    For those of you who have been tinkering with the .300 Norma mag. Please be aware that there are two sets of dimentions out there. The originals from Jimmy Sloan, and the revised dimentions dictated by CIp (etc). The revised case has slightly more taper and is 1,02mm longer than the original...
  16. P

    Process to make 338 Norma Mag From .338 Lapua ?

    What are the steps involved to make .338 Norma Magnum Brass form .338 Lapua Brass. I have opted to chamber for the .338 Norma Magnum and give it a whirl................ cheers PC.
  17. S

    Savage 6mm BR Norma

    I just ordered a Savage model 12 benchrest rifle in 6mm BR Norma. It has a 1 in 8 twist. I don't handload yet and am getting ready to order some Lapua factory loads. I see they come in 90gr and 105gr loads. Which would be best for beginning longrange competition. The range I will be shooting at...
  18. B

    Norma .308?

    Is norma brass any good? How does it compare to Lapua? I need some good brass and I cant find Lapua. Will I even notice a difference in a regular SPS rifle?
  19. T

    .338 Norma mag.

    Can anyone tell me what size shell holder I need for the "new" .338 Norma mag case? I tried a #14 RCBS which I use on my .338 Lapua and it will not work. I called Redding and they said to use #14 and it doesn't work! Also called Sinclair they don't know either. Tom Sarver
  20. R

    300 WM, is Norma the best option for buying brass?

    Without Lapua and RWS .300 Win Mag brass, is Norma now the best option ? Is it good brass ?