1. Alaskaman11

    Rifle Scopes MST 100 vs NF NSX

    Ok, let the fight start! Some of you know that I have been Die Hard Night Force guy, but I have been looking at building or have built a M110/AR10. I started looking at the optics that i might place3 on her, we the USO MST 100 got my attention and went to go research it, we looks like a real...
  2. Mag 300

    Rifle Scopes Can a NSX nightforce be changed First focal plane

    since all other changes can be made to these scopes and I have 4 of them can the forst focal plane option also be done ?? I doubt it in that this would be too good to be true but ?? Bill
  3. Anchor Zero Six

    Rifle Scopes MOA convert to MIL NSX?

    Picked up a NSX for my dad a few months ago in a trade. He isnt as picky as me about the Mil/Mil thing but I noticed on CS gunworks website they sell MIL knobs. Can they be converted by simply changing the knobs out? I wouldnt mind setting it up Mil/Mil if thats possible.