1. D

    Reloading Equipment WTS: 300 Win mag Barrel, Dies, Brass

    Mausingfield 300 win mag barrel by LRI: Bartlien 1/9 twist 5r 24" with 5/8x24 muzzle threads. Has 45 rounds on it. $550 shipped ADG 300 Win mag brass 400 pcs new and approx 200 fired (50pcs once fired) Sell as a package $600 shipped. SOLD Have Forster die set, Redding competition die set, Le...
  2. wyo_lrhs

    Firearms ARC Archimedes LA, Grayboe Ridgeback

    I've got an ARC Archimedes and Grayboe Ridgeback with Grayboe M5 Bottom Metal that I'd like to sell or trade. ARC Archimedes is a long action 0.473 bolt face with 30 MOA rail. Purchased new in February and currently has 50 rounds on it. Ridgeback stock in Woodland Camo and Grayboe M5 DBM...
  3. E

    Firearms WTS: 6.5Cr 26",KRG X-RAY, ARC Nucleus, Vortex Viper PST FFP 5-25x50 Package

    Selling my complete build, 6.5Cr 26" X-Caliber SAV Short Shank(by Crown Ridge Barrel Works) in a KRG X-Ray Chassis with a Vortex Viper PST 5-25x50 FFP in ARC M-Brace Rings. Chassis has the KRG Tool Less LOP kit, bag rider, over molded cheek piece and Spigot. Will come with knockoff bipod and one...
  4. jbell74

    SOLD NEW PVA 6mm Creed Prefit Barrel for ARC Nucleus

    Barrel is brand new. 26", 1:7 , M24, 5/8x24, button rifled Includes thread protector $475 shipped conus Not looking for any trades at this time.
  5. F

    Prefit Barrel Change

    I just though i'd share a few pictures of my most recent experience with the parts I bought to switch out a savage small shank barrel as there were a few recommendations I had a hard time finding on the hide forums. First, I purchased a proof research savage small shank prefit. Needless to say...
  6. Wilcoxjace

    Firearms Gen 2 nucleus magnum action and T4A manners stock

    Posting a gen 2 manners action and manners T4A stock both are slightly used decided to go with a light weight build for hunting asking $1500 without a trigger or $1600 with a trigger from rifle basix
  7. M

    Which mags to run with nucleus & MPA

    Good afternoon, I’m posting to find out from others what magazines seem to run well with a 6.5 creed - nucleus action/mpa comp chassis. This has been my first rifle build and looking for advice from others with a similar setup who can steer me in the right direction? Accurate mag, AI Mags...
  8. F

    ARC nucleus question

    I know they are at SHOT so I don’t expect a reply from them any time soon. Sent my bolt in for the updated head and new spring, I was one of the early preorders. They sent it back, but a second spring was in a paper bag. Other people who have sent their bolt in, which is the replacement and...
  9. A

    American Rifle Company Nucleus Actiion ##SOLD##

    Short action Standard Bolt Face 30 MOA Rail Action Wrench $875 obo shipped conus
  10. G

    Modify poly AICS mags for CRF?

    I recently got and have started playing with a Nucleus action, and saw a few recommended tweaks in various threads: Gentler extractor entry Beveled shroud locking pin Cut back magazine feed lips Those first two items are easy enough, but I only have @MDT_OFFICIAL polymer magazines (308, 10rd...