1. Arizona8819

    Moving to Ohio

    Hello, first post for me here on SH. Been lurking for quite a while, but I wanted to say hi and see if anyone has info on where to shoot in west Ohio. I'm moving to Troy for school, leaving the Army this month. I've been looking at the area on OnX for hunting waterfowl and deer and it's pretty...
  2. EHans34

    Gunsmithing Great Smith in northeastern Ohio

    I live in NE Ohio and am looking for a reputable smith who does superb work on precision rifles. I’m looking for one who can chamber, flute, thread, crown and properly swap barrels for my bolt-action rifle. I would prefer one in Ohio, but one of the surrounding states works as well.
  3. S

    Range Report Ohio Precisioin Rilfe Qaulification Course

    Here's the target from my qualification course for Ohio Precision Rifle Operator class. 8 stages: 125 yard 100 yard 75 yard 50 yard strong side and weak side 25 yard through window 100 yard 100 yard cadence fire Must...
  4. Firemarshall27

    Suppressors Ohio trust

    Does a trust have to be notorized in Ohio to be leagle for a suppresor.
  5. 737shark


    Thunder Valley Shoot This Weekend... http://www.ohio1000yd.com/ Saturday April 18th. I am bringing some new models of the Tigershark and Shark that have a modular Design. In Addtion to my new Full Auto Rated 5.56 Can...Hammerhead Not even on my Website Yet...I Will be there Saturday Night...
  6. MacMan

    Hunting & Fishing Suppressor hunting in Ohio?

    Can not find any info on the ODNR website that defines hunting with a suppressor.Thought it would be fun to hunt wild boar with my can,no closed season and no bag limits with rifles of any calibre.Is it legal? Thanks!
  7. R

    600yd Match in SE Ohio

    http://benchrest.com/forums/showthread.php?t=59803 Click the above link for info on 600yd match in Gallipolis, OH. $12 entry with $9 of it going back to the winning shooters. Looks like they shoot 2-3 matches during the day. Rob
  8. Big Dog Steel

    Anyone here ever visit TDI in Ohio?

    I thinking of taking a class there and was wondering if anyone else had any experience with them. TDI is the Tactical defense institute, apparently.
  9. M

    PCSI Multigun this weekend April 5 Ohio

    This Sunday will be the first multigun match of the year for PCSI in Circleville, OH. I know this is a more precision shooting forum, but there are a lot of ARs, tactical shotguns, and handguns that need shot as well. The longest shots will be 100 yards. The match is open to everyone ... no...
  10. Andrew Blubaugh

    Ohio LE Scoped Rifle Course

    I am part of this class so any questions please feel free to ask me or call the numbers listed. This is a LEO/Mil class only. Round count will be around 250 rounds. This will be a GREAT class for anyone with a little or a lot of knowledge about scoped rifle. The following is a cut/paste...
  11. J

    Member Link Up Anyone in N. Ohio help me shoot long distance?

    Hey guys I'm new to the forum and new to shooting long distances in general. I really need someone to help a beginner out and explain everything. Is anyone willing to take some time to help me learn the ropes of shooting long distances? There is a guy on here, Montana that said he will reload...