1. M

    Accessories Garmin Instinct Tactical

    Garmin Instinct Tactical black Bought it in October, its been a excellent watch. In great condition, the lens is 99% I would say the rest of it is 95% I am just upgrading to a Fenix. You will be well on your way to be operator as f*** with this watch! $200 or best. The charging cable is...
  2. 3

    A real operators workout!!!

    I have searched high and low for a true representation on how our elite millitary personnel train, and I think I have finally found the video that accurately depicts it! I am personally started this training regime shortly! How To Workout Like An Operator - YouTube
  3. C

    Photos Springfield TRP Operator

    picked up a Springfield TRP Operator today, in the second pic are 2 more of my 1911s, a springfield v-16 ported long slide, and a smith & wesson 1911pd commander with crimson trace grips
  4. 4th Horseman

    Suppressors S.A. TRP OPERATOR (FULL LENGTH RAIL) question

    While on the topic of TRP Operators...Can anyone point me in the direction for a holster to fit mine...It has the full length rail. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Billy C