1. lowlight

    Rock the Pink !

    Ashbury sent along a Hot Pink Saber-Forrst Chassis, and today we barreled it up with a Remington 5R in .223. <iframe src="https://www.facebook.com/video/embed?video_id=10151838113597953" width="400" height="400" frameborder="0"></iframe> Adam from Mile High opened up the base screws and...
  2. Dsparil

    Gunsmithing HS Precision Stocks and the Badger Ordnance EFR

    can HS Precision stocks be inletted for the EFR after they're bought?
  3. 96C

    Badger Ordnance FTE Muzzle Brake Pics

    Lads, Can we throw up some pics of our Badger Ordnance FTE muzzle brakes in here please? I've got one on order at the moment, just looking for some pics from you blokes to throw in the mix. Help keep me motivated while im away for OEF again. Take care and stay safe!
  4. mark5pt56

    Gunsmithing Hooper Ordnance bolt mod

    I sent it off to Hooper Ordnance for the 700 bolt mod, which included the Badger knob and three machine screws through the handle to the bolt body. Got it back and it looks great! It's a new 700P, haven't shot it yet, will be tomorrow though. So far I've added the mod to the bolt, Seekins...
  5. Dsparil

    Rifle Scopes Picture Request: badger ordnance scope base

    can anyone who hasn't mounted one, take a close up picture of the underside of the badger ordnance scope base. I have a seekins that is TECHNICALLY ambidextrous, but it has flaring only on the right side for right handed individuals.
  6. M

    M40A3 D.D. ross/ Bagder Ordnance

    I currently have a M40A3 clone with a DD Ross M1 floor plate, I would like to upgrade to the badger ordnance M5 Detachable magazine. is this possible, will the footprints match with minor inletting? Please Help
  7. brian64x

    professional ordnance carbon-15 rifle???

    Anybody have any experences with a C-15 rifle? A guy I know has one NIB he wants to sell, price is right, and its light @ about 4 lbs. Basicly I just want to know if they are a hunk o' junk or are they ok. Thanks, Brian