1. B

    Night Vision Pulsar Phantom Gen 3 Riflescope - First Look / Field Review

    Written review is below the video, for those who are opposed to reading Pulsar Phantom 4x60 Gen 3 Riflescope - First Look Review - YouTube Pulsar Phantom Gen 3 Riflescope (PL76076T) Date: May 5, 2013 Location: Bexar and Stephens Co TX Objective: The objective of our first look...
  2. Opiy

    Suppressors Yankee Hill Phantom 7.62 QD opinions?

    What seems the be the opinion of this suppressor? Is it good, outstanding, or sucks? How does it compare to an AAC? I just found out a local guy has one for 7.62 ( no idea of price) so I am trying to find out of it is a good one or not.
  3. D

    Suppressors YHM Phantom 7.62 ???

    My brother is looking at purchasing a YHM Phantom 7.62 to use on both his DPMS AP4 and Savage 10FCP .308 He wants to know if the standard thread-on suppressor and the QD suppressor are the same actual can. He will need to get the 5/8"x24 suppressor for his Savage, and a 1/2"x28 QD mount for...
  4. jonaddis84

    Suppressors YHM 7.62 Phantom Owners

    Anyone on here own this suppressor? Im in the waiting stages for mine to come in and wanted to see how you guys like yours. Also wondering on POI change and accuracy at 1000+. Its a 5/8 threaded model.
  5. KPK

    Suppressors Question and reviews on YHM Phantom 5.56 and 7.62

    I'm looking into getting a suppressor for my ar and like the price and look of the yhm. Does anyone have any expreience with them? Will the 7.62 suppress the 5.56 very well? Would be nice to get ont that would work with a few of my other calibers. What are your thoughts? Thanks, Kyle