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  1. Travis S

    Rifle Scopes Picking a scope for Dad....

    Having a rifle built for my Dad by RW Snyder. Specs: LA/RH Rem 700 trued, squared. Brux 26"#7 eq contour. Caliber 6.5X55 Swede. Stock- HS Fully adjustable cheek and lop (forgot model #). This will be a seriously sweet rifle and I'm trying to decide which scope to get him. The 2 that I'm looking...
  2. G

    Help picking caliber

    I have decided upon ordering a GAP rifle in the next couple of months (pending funds-selling several pistol's that are safe queens). Here is my question. For a starter long range precision rifle, would I be better served with the Crusader in 308 or should I go with something with better range...
  3. P

    Rifle Scopes Help on picking top line optic.

    Okay, I've had my Leupold 3-10 Mk4 M3 for a while. Ready to upgrade. Don't think I want super high power just 15-17 max. Thinking either USO, S&B or Nightforce. Don't need illum reticle but FFP would be nice. I don't want 1/4 moa turrents (too fine) but would prefer 1/2 mil but could settle...
  4. W

    Maggie’s Picking a combination lock!

    Deleted due to drama!!!! Was not meant to cause a problem!!