1. W

    Affordable 308 for plinking fun?

    For those Sunday afternoon days when you're just out to have some fun and not worrying about competing or achieving record breaking accuracy, what .308 ammo brands do you use? Besides accuracy, are there any other downsides to using cheap ammo like Wolf?
  2. T

    what 9mm brass to keep from my plinking ammo?

    I have about a case of each of these below... winchester white box 115fmj federal american eagle 115gr fmj speer lawman 115gr fmj blazer brass 115gr fmj I'm thinking of shooting up one or 2 of the cases and then keeping the brass when I get into reloading. (soon I hope) My question: out of...
  3. Hawk Gunner

    What are you guys using for .223 plinking ammo

    I'm down to a minimum and would like to start reloading. I have lots of brass, primers, and good bit of powder, mostly varget and tac. What are you guys using for plinking bullets and what loads are you using. I have JP 1/8 16" and a RRA 1/9 16". Thanks