1. TresMon

    Rifle Scopes + moa scope base of pre accu-trigger savage long

    Help... I'm about to aquire a older (pre accu-trig) Savage Tactical in .300 WM. I'm looking for a tactical style +moa scope base. The only listings I can find are for the new style long actions with accu-trigger and fully round action. (The older, non accu trigger Savages were flat at the...
  2. Msprink05

    Gunsmithing savage trigger adjustment (pre accutrigger)

    So ive got a preaccutrigger savage that im planning on putting a new trigger in. My question is since ive seen do it yourself trigger jobs in the rimfire section, is it possible to do it with this trigger? If i do it wrong or mess it up i can just put a new rifle basix in it anyway so any info...
  3. Johncalloway

    Gunsmithing Savage pre accu trigger

    can anyone tell me what I need to do to this trigger to lighten it up. I have done several of my remingtons, so if it is anything like it, it should be easy. Thank you in advance.
  4. E

    Gunsmithing Win 70 pre '64 firing pin . .

    Looking for a good reputable source for <span style="font-weight: bold">Win 70 pre '64 short</span>, parts. Are there a number of OEMs out there ? If so, which manufacture the finest products ? I haven't dealt with Numrich in years, are they still a thumbs up outfit ? I only want to buy it...
  5. F

    Recoil Pad/ Winchester 70 pre 64

    i am looking for a recoil pad for a winchester model 70 i thought id ask you guys advice on whos got the best also how much do yall think a pre-64 winchester 70 would be worth its in pretty good condition its got a few scratches here and there just looking for a ballpark. and no if anybody was...
  6. H

    Winchester Pre 64?

    Which models of Pre 64 winchester model 70 is best for a custom build, or does it matter? I think I have found one I'd like to buy. It is in Win 264 and is in pretty good condition.