1. Kinetic Moose

    SOLD 308 Brass mostly once fired FREE (see Details)

    DETAILS... OK PEOPLE... I have 460 ish 308 brass some once fired mostly(read 95%), about half i think is Horny's and the rest federal, winchester, prime, some ruschinkenese in there as well, ONE TIME offer,,, FREE.. all you pay is shipping ( cause one you SOB's will live in Alaska and ask for...
  2. ubet

    Storing primed pistol brass

    Primed 500 45acp brass and am not going to be able to load them until tommorrow afternoon and was wondering if putting them in the fridge would help keep them and so they dont get to hot during the day until I can load them tommorow night, any thoughts? Thanks Ubet
  3. 03psd

    Primed Brass needing resized

    how do you deal with primed brass that needs resized? or put another way, how do you decap brass that you cannot fire the primer off in a rifle?
  4. wilsoncs3980

    Scharch Mfg Primed 1X fired military brass

    Anyone used any of this brass lately? I just ordered 1000 pcs of primed .223 for my new AR. Can't find brass or primers anywhere these days. I thought I'd give this stuff a try. I hear it isn't bad stuff.