1. P

    Gunsmithing Max profile for Savage barrel installed with nut.

    Hi all, I apologize if these have been asked already... What is the max profile (measurement?) for a barrel that can be installed on a Savage while keeping the barrel nut? If not using the barrel nut, I would assume the barrel profile can be bigger, and would install the same way as a...
  2. H

    Barrel profile for precision rifle

    Guys, What would be the lightest profile to use in a precison rifle build ?
  3. C

    Gunsmithing 358 winchester barrel length / profile

    Not a target gun... but this seems like a good place to pick people's brains Gotta pick the optimum length and profile for barrel. Gun will be used for spot and stalk / stand hunting gun. Looking at the range of stocks available for the new centerfeed short action. I was thinking barrel...
  4. Queequeg

    Is the Profile comment feature new?

    I miss stuff sometimes... I recieved an admin notice that a comment had been left. Just trying to understand this mind numbing new technology. I'll wait in the cave... Thanks
  5. E

    Savage 10FP build: barrel profile?

    Guys, I have my 10FP at Kevin Rayhill's waiting on a .308 WIN Benchmark barrel. I have never spec'd a "tactical" rifle before and I want to double check my decisions with y'all. I'm having him turn the barrel to a Sendero profile, 24" long and 0.95" diameter at the muzzle. Is this too heavy? I...