1. drummachinejoe

    Reloading Equipment 6.5 mm/.264 & .224 Projectiles HORNADY

    Looking to sell some 6.5 mm (0.264”) Hornady projectiles. 68 gr BTHP (100 count) — $35/box (x1) SOLD 130 gr ELD-M (300 count) — $55/box (x3) *All same lot 140 gr BTHP [AMP] (190 count) — $45 for 90 ct box $50 for 100 ct box *All same lot SOLD 143 gr ELD-X (200 count) — $55/box (x2)...
  2. Festeraxp

    Reloading Equipment Wtb Hornady FTX Bullets Flex Tip .355 165 gr

    I’m looking for Hornady FTX bullets flex tip expanding must be .355 165 grains or heavier. Thanks.
  3. R

    308 175gr FMJBT sniper projectiles from Wideners

    Anyone have any range reports on the 308 175gr FMJBT sniper projectiles the Wideners sales? Are they accurate? Any load data. Thanks Robert
  4. A

    Predator projectiles

    I know most of you guys here wouldnt have seen these yet being an Australian product, but what do you think of the design of these bullets for long range applications? The website is Ive tried them out in my .375CT with very good short range accuracy( averaging 3...
  5. L

    Projectiles & New Systems

    Hey guys, I just wanted to pass along a "Heads Up" message to you all. Good Day Everyone, I just wanted to inform you all of a new company that is dedicated to the advancement of high temperature/pressure barrels, new generation of cartridges, and lathe turned solid projectiles for several...