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    Gunsmithing AR10 Help from the PRO:s

    Got a AR10 SS barrel, standard handguard. Jusrt Recieved the Upper blocks, door pin for the "T", replacement gas tube , pin, AR15 barrel nut wrench, AR10 barrel nut wrench, new FF tube kit from Armalite. Going to Change out the standard handguard to the mew Armalite Al FF tube. Any hints or...
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    For the Badger Ordinance Pros

    I got my M5 bottom metal/detachable mag today, and have one question. The fit and finish is perfect, and is inletted to very nice tollerances. However, the holes in my stock are too small for the alluminum pillars that they provided. Any ideas? I will have pics up soon Thanks, Nick
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    Pros and Cons of Tactical and Hunting Stocks??

    {Yes, I've done a lot of searches and reading, but found nothing quite on topic) I am considering a custom build in 308, Surgeon action and DBM. I'm interested in the pros and cons of a tactical (say, A5) stock vs. a hunting stock (say, HTG or HTG adj). I currently own hunting rifles. I...