1. Ritten

    Rifle Scopes Proud to be a customer

    These days pride is a fairly common thing. When a person can see the difference he makes by taking pride in his country, speaking out against tyranny and oppression, and watch the difference his active role makes to those around him his heart swells and his chest sticks out a little further...
  2. coulthard_west

    Rifle Scopes proud father of an sn-3

    sn-3 3.8-22x44 1/4 moa erek us#3 1/4moa windage cmg moa retical 4" sunshade ard lit retical red uso front and rear flip up covers ergo objective 30mm tube black rail mount swivel bubble level not to mention i got the girl friend to model it for me
  3. B

    Photos My Daughter Making Her Daddy Proud

    This is my 17 year old just prior to announcing that the PSL is now her's. The othe shot is her shooting her Glock 23.