1. F

    Prefit Barrel Change

    I just though i'd share a few pictures of my most recent experience with the parts I bought to switch out a savage small shank barrel as there were a few recommendations I had a hard time finding on the hide forums. First, I purchased a proof research savage small shank prefit. Needless to say...
  2. C

    Gunsmithing 6.5X.308 Vs. .260 Remington?

    New member here. I've been lurking on Sniper's Hide for a while, and I've found some good info. Just decided I would register and join in! Anyway, I've been looking to re-barrel my Rem. 700 PSS. It's current factory cambering is 6.8 SPC. I like the cartridge, but not for the setup the rifle...
  3. C Snyder

    Gunsmithing Rebarreling a Pre-64 Win action. How to?

    I have done several push feed actions but have never done a claw or controled feed action re-barrel. What is the best way to time and chamber with the extractor cut out. Thanks
  4. Nocalphoenix

    Rebarreling a Rem 581

    Guys I have a Rem 581 bought back in about 1977 and it was my first rifle. Needless to say it suffered alot as I learned to shoot and has taken a ton of abuse. Accuracy has gone down hill and barely breaks 1" at 50yards. My best guess is about 30-50,000 rounds through it, mostly CCI minimags...
  5. L

    need advice on rebarreling a savage 223

    I want to put a new barrel on my savage 223. I want to be able to shoot heavier bullets (69-75gr), what twist rate should I get? It has a 1 in 14 now.
  6. Z

    Gunsmithing Rebarreling choices

    <span style="font-weight: bold">Found this article has some good info i believe Author: Wood, Dennis A. from - 07 American gunsmith Rebarreling choices: there are numerous decisions to be made before an action is rebarreled, including the type of steel, how it's rifled, rate of twist...