1. dwparr

    Rifle Scopes Looking for scope recomendations, please.

    I'm looking for a scope with these requirements: -costs $650 or less -long eye relief (~4" or more) -50mm objective -30mm tube -variable magnification with a maximum power of 16-24x -tactical adjustment knobs -mil-dot reticle I am currently leaning toward a Bushnell Elite 6500 2.5-16x42...
  2. padronanniversary

    40x recomendations

    Curious if anyone has had their 40x 22lr action trued ?? Just debating to go all out or not. Anyone recommend any barrels ?
  3. M

    Rifle Scopes Need Scope Recomendations

    Hey all, I just purchased my first precsion rifle which is a Remington 700 SPS Tactical chambered in .308. I already purchased a HS Precisions PSS stock to replace the crappy Hogue stock but now I need to decide on a scope. The rifles purpose is to be a tactical toy (just for fun really), mostly...
  4. M

    Recomendations? Left Handed

    What is a reasonable rifle for the following person? Left handed - left bolt Injured left arm - needs either a thumbhole stock or a PG stock Heavy contour Prefer Rem 700 .308 Does this exist? Or do they need to start with an action and build up? TIA