1. JCH

    Am I gonna run into pressure issues?

    I am loading up some 223 AI ammo for testing. I am using R15 and moly'd 75gr Hornady Amax's with Magtech 7 1/2 small rifle primers. I started at 24.0 and went in .2 grain incriments to 25.2 Just want to make sure that I am not going to get into high pressures when getting into the last groups...
  2. Down Under Hunter

    50 CAL- AMAX 750grn- What BC do you run ?

    Going to do some extended range work with my TAC 50 this weekend and was wondering what BC you guys are using in your PDA's ? I think the NF exbal program lists 1.05 ? How close is this ? I read that someone here was saying closer to .95 ?? Any thoughts ? Cheers DUH
  3. S

    243AI: Feasible to run 115 DTAC and 87 V-Max?

    If I build a 243AI around the 115gr DTAC is it likely I can also get good accuracy out of the 87 V-Max or will I be spinning them too fast? I want to optimize around the DTAC for the long range performance and antelope but it'll be a necessity to use the V-Max for coyotes.
  4. S

    Question for guys who run long barreled 308

    Hey guys. New to the site, been lurking around here for awhile and was always able to find answers to my questions, but now I'm stumped. when it comes to barrels that are in the 30-32 inch range and you run 155 gr bullets, Which powder gives the most speed out of it.H4895 or Varget. I know...
  5. S

    Bullet run out gauges. Are they worth it??

    I am looking at buying a Forster bullet run out gauge. Are these type of gauges worth the 80 bucks they cost?Does a couple thou run-out really make any difference? Lee
  6. rc2125

    Anyone run a hvy barrel Savage mod 12 .243 with

    ...heavier bullets, like 105's? From what little info I have read, the 1in9.25 twist is borderline to slow for bullets over 100gr......or is that not correct?
  7. A

    Photos You can run,but you can hide

    my little SPR baby
  8. U

    Colorado - Run & Gun Semi-Auto Rifle Match (Pics)

    Run and gun rifle match at the Pueblo West Sportsman's Association range on the <span style="font-weight: bold">4th Sunday of every month</span>. -Match fee is only $15. -Set up starts around 6:30am -Shooters meeting and walk through is at 9:45am -We generally shoot 3 to 4 different stages...
  9. 45.308

    Rifle Scopes US Optics, Why run a SN?

    For SN runners, how often do you actually use less than 10x? Why and when do you use 3.2x setting, or less than 10x? Did you go with SN just for the versatility? I am one of those who like to plan, not just impulse buy and this is the rule for a new sight on a new 308; lots of time in...
  10. GUNNER75

    Rem 40X .22 US, ready to run.

    Just picked up a nice little rifle. Any 40X .22 guys on here that can give me any info on these rifles? Will post pics later. No, I didn't run the search very hard yet, but will. Here she is. Ready to run.
  11. JBW3

    Rifle Scopes ***USO MST-100's, LAST RUN!!!***

    Alright guys, you have waited long enough, and I can't take the question anymore, "Will USO ever make the MST-100 again?" YES! We will make them again....but there are a few things that I need to make clear to everyone; 1. This is the biggest, so I will do this as #1, the price is going to be...