1. KAIFS

    WTF happened to Sand Magpul magazines????

    was going to get a dozen of: MagPul Pmag M3 5.56 Magazine with Window 30-Rounder MAG556-SND (Sand) just to find out everyone is OOS. Sold 20 new ones I had to a buddy for $150 (he dyed his for matches), which is what I paid for em about 6-7mo ago... Figured Buds will probably have em cheaper...
  2. GunjunkieM24

    Rifle Scopes S& B Info...Glass comparison versus USO Leupold ET

    Folks, I am contemplating the purchase of a new S&B 5 x 25 PMII. I have a USO SN3 and several Leupold MK 4's. I will say that the USO does edge out the MK 4's in clarity but neither just are not as clear as I want. I really want to try one of the S&B's but just cant seem to bring myself to...
  3. jayjaytuner

    sand or desert camo

    anyone have pics of either, or bolth...... lookin at gettin a mcmillan in one or the other, they seem to be kinda similar from the pictures, but never seen either in person.