1. fp120

    Firearms Scar 17 Deadshot barrel

    FDE spiral fluted Deadshot 18” 6.5 creedmoor Scar 17 barrel. Will include midwest industries scar quad rail (brand new), piston and gas adjuster. The barrel has 37 rounds down the pipe. Will come with thread protector but can add silencerco ASR 3 port for extra $75 Picture with it on the...
  2. dbransco

    Firearms WTS/WTT Various Firearms

    I am looking to sell or trade (+/- funds where necessary). I have the following. 1941 Winchester Pre-war Model 74 22 w/24" barrel and special order peep sight 88A $400 1977 Browning BAR chambered in 7mm Remington Mag. with Leupold VX-3 4.5-14x40mm $1,350 Thompson Center Contender in...
  3. C

    SOLD WTT FN Scar 20s for KAC, LMT, Scar 17

    Want to trade my like-new FN Scar 20s 7.62/308 for a KAC/Knights Armament SR-15 Mod 2 14.5" preferably with a URX 3.1 rail. Will also consider a LMT or modded Scar 17 NRCH. The Scar only has 30 rounds fired, has the MK20 contract 1:12 twist barrel and 3-prong flash hider. Reciprocating charging...
  4. freedom71

    SOLD FS: FN SCAR 20S 7.62 20" 1:12 w/ accessories

    For sale: FN SCAR 20S 7.62 with 20-inch 1:12 twist barrel and Geissele Super Scar trigger. It's in like-new condition with less than 100 rounds fired. I purchased the 20S last summer from EuroOptic and only have taken it to the range for sight-in. I easily was getting sub-MOA groups with FGMM...
  5. Nomad_Rob

    Firearms Scar for sale

    Scar 20s 7.62mm Leopold MK5 3.5-18 with H59 reticle Harris Bipod 2 x 20rd mags 1 x 10rd mag LMT hand guards Case included 120rds through it of 175 grain $6000 Located in SE Alabama, can ship to your FFL
  6. Nomad_Rob

    Firearms SCAR

    SCAR20s 7.62mm Leopold MK5 3.5-18 with H59 reticle Harris Bipod 2 x 20rd mags 1 x 10rd mag LMT hand guards Case included 100 rounds of SMK 175grain fired through it. $6650 OBO/Open to trades Everything in this picture included plus gun manual FFL transfer to your FFL, located in SE Alabama
  7. CalebFuller78

    Accessories WTT New For Old MK20 Barrel

    Gauging availability of Scar 20s step down barrels; I need one for my rig as I own a FA762SV-BK which requires the tapered barrel of the earlier SCAR 20s. The new one (that I just put money down on) has a straight heavy barrel profile and I would really like to avoid sending it to be machined...
  8. W


    FN SCAR 17S in excellent condition (<200 rds through it) with one 20rd magazine. I'm the original/only owner. => $2,800 SOLD Pending Funds 3 more new 20rd magazines available => $35/mag SOLD Pending Funds If we cannot meet face-to-face then buyer covers shipping.
  9. whitehill

    Firearms WTS or WTT Scar 20s 7.62x51 $4000

    Nice condition. 20 rds fired. Trade for STI, SVI , Nighthawk, Wilson Combat. Not interested in other pistol brands. Would consider a nice 300 Norma Mag or a 375 Cheytac rifle. Open to 1 or more pistols in trade of equal value to rifle. Thanks
  10. edub1309

    Firearms WTS: FN Scar 17 with NF ATACR 1-8

    Brand new, never fired, FN Scar 17 with a ton of extras. Your chance for the famous battle rifle in 7.62/308. See below for retail pricing for everything.. asking $5,750—over $1300 off! Scar 17 7.62/.308 $3200 Nightforce atacr 1-8 $2800 Spuhr Mount $410 Pelican $200 3 Extra Mags $117 Geissele...
  11. 338FREAK

    SCAR 17 OPTICS To 600yards

    Hello all, so I just got a 17s. I know they're hard on optics etc. Here's what I want to do with my rifle: I regularly shoot from 50-600 yards. I want this to stay lightweight, i have other long range rifles. I just want to bang steel out to 600 down to 50 yards maintaining lightweight and...
  12. William_LXIX

    Accessories SCAR-17s .338 FEDERAL 13" (SBR) Dead Shot Barrel (DSB) $475

    $500 SHIPPED $475 SHIPPED Very slightly used, broken in with 50 rounds and THATS IT. DEADSHOT BARRELS: .338 FEDERAL (its the .300BO of 7.62!) 1:10 - Chromoly(CM) - 5R Rifling 13" barrel with CERAKOTE Magpul FDE Applied at Dead Shot Barrels. 5/8 x 24 thread pattern thread for FH/MB (Not...
  13. MrDogtor

    SCAR17 vs KAC SR25 E2 CC (ACC)

    I do not currently own anything that occupies the role of "battle rifle" or "heavy carbine". With election season fast approaching, I've decided it is time to make a purchase. I am looking for something that is relatively light weight, can be used for mid-sized game hunting and self-defense...
  14. Havoc_1_Actual

    SCAR 17S FDE w/extras

    New, only have about 10 rounds through it. Was a gun I’d always wanted but now have realized I need funds for other things and this will get far less use than rest of my firearms get. Included is an extra magazine (2 mags total), Tango Down vertical grip, and VLTOR Re-SCAR stock adapter (remove...
  15. GaryT

    Scar 20s

    Selling my scar 20s. Has exactly 80 rounds and one range trip where I was seeing slightly better than 3/4moa with fgmm 168 grain. Comes with three 20 round fde mags and one 10 rounder. Has Surefire muzzle brake. Optic and bipod not included. Only reason for selling is I want a 6.5cm bolt gun...
  16. M

    308 rifle options

    I am in the market for a higher end gas 308. I will be shooting suppressed more often than not, so I want to keep my barrel length short, probably 16". I have been looking hard at the GAP10 and others such as LWRC, Larue, Hogan, and SCAR. Accuracy is my main objective but also want the rifle...
  17. M

    Range Report AR-10 opinions

    I am in the market for a higher end AR-10 and would like to here some suggestions. My main focus is on accuracy and I will also be shooting suppressed more times than not. Since I will be shooting suppressed I want to stay below 20" barrel length. I have looked hard at the GAP-10 and is where I...
  18. E

    Scar 17

    Is the scar heavy or scar 17 already available?
  19. Ryan797

    anyone buy a SCAR?

    they got an fn SCAR down at my local gunshop for about 3,300. that's pretty expensive in my opinion for what it is. anyone have one to tell me if it's worth it?
  20. Sterling Shooter


    I just stocked a few of these at the store where I work part-time. What does this rifle do better than an M4? I see that free float barrels of various lengths can be quickly fitted; and, the concept appears to be ambi enough. The adjustable folding stock seems well thought out too. What about...