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  1. Dvando20

    1980's USMC Scout Sniper gear list?

    I am trying to put together a load out kit of everything my father would have taken into the bush when he was a USMC scout sniper in the mid 80's. Looking for list of gear such as types of packs, what goes into them, brand names, models of gear, sidearm, how did they transport their spare 7.62...
  2. velayo_0317

    This is NOT Carlos Hathcock!

    Let's set the record straight and give credit where credit is due.
  3. D


    Hey guys, completely new to this forum so if this is in the wrong place pls let me know. I have opportunities open here in SC for active duty and prior service SOF and Scout Snipers. Currently close to 5,000 acres available for predator hunting. With deer having babies on the ground and new...
  4. lowlight

    Scout Sniper Association Rifle Raffle

    That time of year again, we always support the USMC Scout Sniper Associate as a plank owner here: Annual Rifle Raffle Presented by Badger Ordnance in cooperation with Schneider Rifle Barrels and...
  5. velayo_0317

    PRS Talk Accountability of the Precision Rifleman

    100% Accountability of 100% of the shots you take. As a long range, "precision rifleman" you should be able to range your own targets, make your own wind call and spot your own impacts. Yea, the spotter is there to take the load off some of the tasks a shooter but is ultimately only there to...
  6. lowlight

    USMC Scout Sniper Association Raffle

    You don't have to go to SHOT to get in on the Scout Sniper Association Rifle for this one of kind rifle It will be display and tickets sold at SHOT show along with online ticket sales here:US Marine Corps Scout Sniper Association - Raffle Ticket The serial number of the action is 1775...
  7. AMTeam4

    Cool side-by-side pic of early model HOG Saddle

    This is a cool side-by-side pic of an early model HOG Saddle and the current MOD7. We’ve come a long way since 2006. Thanks for supporting a Marine Scout Sniper who strived to make a better tripod mounted rifle rest than the standard, homemade PVC pipe rest. The constructive criticism...