1. mhgray5

    Accessories 16" Lilja 223-8 M4 / NSW Recon barrel

    Used but not abused SEAL recon rifle barrel. 200 rounds of brass cased ammo fired in slow strings. For those who know, no explanation is needed. For those who don't, this barrel is top of the line. Asking $420 shipped. Paypal/Cashapp/Venmo.
  2. 3

    A real operators workout!!!

    I have searched high and low for a true representation on how our elite millitary personnel train, and I think I have finally found the video that accurately depicts it! I am personally started this training regime shortly! How To Workout Like An Operator - YouTube
  3. A

    Storm Tactical November / Black Friday Promo

    If anyone is interested in Christmas presents for your fellow shooters, or for your Tactical Team, here is a 25% off deal: Buy three DATA BOOK kits, get a fourth kit FREE. Black Friday happens to coincide with our 10th anniversary, so we'll call it our Anniversary Sale. Thank you, and...
  4. B

    Training Courses June 9th M4/pistol class Mingo Junction OH

    Hello guys and gals, Sorry for the no post count, cant seem to recall my old username and email I used so I got myself a new handle, anyway to the point. This upcoming Sunday, June 9th 2013 at the START (special tactics and rescue training) facility located at 797 Cool springs road, mingo...
  5. ArcticLight

    Maggie’s Seal joke

    Penguin drives to a mechanic, mechanic says he'll need an hour with the car so the penguin goes next door for ice cream. (Penguins like ice cream you know). bout an hourlater the penguin goes back for his car - mechanic says "Looks like you blew a seal".. Penguin says... Nah that's just...
  6. junglejim23

    To Seal or not to seal primers ?

    So I was thinking of sealing my loads and was wondering how you all may do it ? are there any cons to doing so ? just thinking of this stuff for long term storage for a rainy day it will be kept in a ammo can for the most part until use. thank you all for the info in advance JJ
  7. C

    Rifle Scopes SEAL Mk12 Optics?

    I was wondering if the SEALS are using the new 2.5-10x32 (or 24mm) NXS on their Mk 12 Mod 1's, or are they still using the Leupold Mk 4 2-8x32 like the Army and Corps? Thanks