1. Gordon Nettleton

    Training session with my boys

    This past Saturday I took my two boys, Peter(5) and Philip (3) shooting while at the ranch. Lat week I picked up a 22 Cricket and we had a little range time. This was both of their first times shooting and I think Dad, had as much fun. It wasn't about the targets and the hits as much as safety...
  2. 03psd

    .22-250 First Session, Where to Now?

    Just getting started in the reloading thing for my M700 VFS 1:14. I went to the range today to test my first batch of handloads. I used recipies from this page and others and worked up. I only used two projectiles: 52gr Nosler Custom Comp BTHP and 50gr Nosler Ballistic Tip (to be used for...
  3. C

    Advanced Marksmanship Awesome Range Session

    I bought a Marlin 917VS (17 HMR) recently and was happy to report that my groups shrunk by half compared to my previous gun (so it wasn't just me). I have been averaging right at 1 MOA with this rifle (counting all fliers). Today, I was shooting and really focusing on fundamentals. I read a post...