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  1. A

    Banded Solids

    I recieved the latest version of Noels 375 banded solids today. They ar 6 cals and weigh 369 gr. I will fire them from an 8 twist in a couple of days.
  2. XLR

    375: solids vs jacketed bullets

    In direct reference to the 375 cheytac bullets, what is the advantage of a lead core jacketed bullet over a solid. In my opinion, the solid seems to be a logical choice as it is not prone to core stripping and has higher BC than a jacketed bullet. I would also think that it can be pushed...
  3. Surgeon_Shooter

    Loading problem! BORE TECH solids

    Fellas ive tried all that i know to do as far as loads with this bullet maybe yall can help. I have the bore tech 245grn v3 match in .338. My rifle is a surgeon remedy with a 28.5 krieger and it has a 1:9.5 twist rate. How far am i supposed to seat off the lands?????? I heard it was .070 but i...
  4. J

    Molly or WS2 coated solids

    Hi, I use tungsten disulphide (WS2) coating on all bullets that I reload for rifle (.308, .338). It is similar to molly, but I like it more. I would like to know, however, if any one uses MoS2 or WS2 coatings on solid brass or copper VLD bullets and what are the results. All comments would be...
  5. ranger1183

    Barnes Solids

    Has anyone used the Barnes solids in caliber 6.5mm ? I'm looking for people's impressions of the 110 grain solid and the 120 grain tipped solid. Accuracy? Stopping power? wind cutting ability? Opinions on the use of all copper solids verses the standard copper jacketed lead projectiles?
  6. L

    Loading solids in 338

    Alright I am after a safety check. I plan on loading some solids in my 338 LM. I know that with solids you can basically get more with less, so to speak. So if I take load data for a bullet of similar weight and conventional construct then reduce the load by 10% will I be safe or am I off base?