1. Tomg

    Hunting & Fishing Son's first Oryx

    Here are a couple of photos of my sons oryx, we got this yesterday in southern New Mexico off the White Sands Missile Range he used a custom 264 win and 140 gr Berger VLD's It was like that thing had a bulls eye on the side he hit it twice off hand into a two inch group. The horns measured 37...
  2. mark5pt56

    son's first paint job

    Well after having this for a bit, my son decided he wanted to paint it. I helped him by showing him on some cardboard, then having some practce runs. Base is Coyote Aluma-Hyde II with Krylon for pattern. Mark
  3. S

    Help building rifle for son's birthday.

    I'm building a rifle for my 10 year old son for his birthday that's next Sat. He became interested in shooting after watching me at the local range practicing with my ARs. I ordered a Savage MkII FV today, but after doing a search here discovered some that the plastic is cheap. I'm debating on...
  4. Super Bee 950

    Advanced Marksmanship My son and his first 300 yard target

    My son wants to shoot F Class so I took him out to shoot groups at 300. Here is his first target. The target is just on the other side of the lake past the berm. I used a 25 yard pistol target because that is what I had in the garage, and at this point... it didnt matter. The wind was gusting...