1. NordicG3K

    My Spike's Tactical 'Lil Hunter'

    Here's my Spike's Tactical ST-22 dedicated upper on an Oly lower. I'm in the process of putting together a Noveske lower that I'll be using for both the ST-22 and my 6.5 Grendel build. Right now the Spike's is wearing a cheap, Chinese Vector Optics scope, but I think I'll switch to a Falcon...
  2. beech96w

    Spike's Tactical Dedicated .22lr upper

    Can anyone report in with the accuracy they're acheiving with these? I'm considering geting one, but concerned with finickyness of ammo, cycling, and tuning to the hammer and recoil springs. Ideal would be able to slap it on my service rifle lower, and bang away without any tuning. Maybe even...
  3. H

    Movie Theater Spike's Deadliest Warriors

    Anyone watching this "scientific" show on Spike?
  4. G

    Spike's Tactical .22 LR upper

    Just got this in and was wondering about the note from Spike's that accompanied it. It says, " Depending on your trigger setup, the recoil spring may need to be tuned accordingly." Okay - don't understand how the recoil spring is affected by the trigger. Secondly, what I am I looking for to...