1. H

    Gunsmithing Cerakote application question

    When applying cerakote (or like finish) to an item that has engraved writing or other small, sunken niches that you don't want to coat (for example, the writing on a Schmidt & Bender scope, or the tritium hole in a night sight), how do you all cover these parts of the item so that the spray...
  2. E

    Gunsmithing Cerakote spray gun?

    I have been thinking about starting to use cerakote any opinions on this spray gun for a beginner? I was thinking that hplv or is it lphv was the way to go, will this work or will there be too much waste?
  3. R

    Gunsmithing Auto undercoating spray for barrels?

    Was in Advance Auto Parts this evening and was looking at paint. I noticed a spray can with the brandname "Duplicolor" or something like that. It was rubberized undercoating. I'm tempted to try it but was wondering if anyone else had ever tried it? I've also used a sprayon paint on the bed...
  4. BigBrother

    Rifle Scopes Good / permanent anti-fog treatment or spray?

    So, I have these piece of shit polycarbonate safety glasses I use for shooting- I'd tried a number of expensive brands, including Oakleys, and all had bad distortion at the edges. So ironically, I found these at an auto parts store and they were great. Clearer and more distortion-free than...
  5. G

    Gunsmithing Cerakote Finish for a Bolt Action - Spray Inside?

    I will be using Cerakote on a bolt action (Sako M995) and would like to know if the inside of the action is typically sprayed or masked off.
  6. C

    Fieldcraft MARPAT spray paint?

    I am looking to paint my rifle in MARPAT does anyone know what spray paint and colors I should use?
  7. 81sfo

    Gunsmithing Duracote spray gun?

    For those who are duracote gurus,which spray guns are you guys getting best results from?Are high quality automotive spray guns ok to use,or is duracote too thick for HVLP automotive spray guns?thanks in advance.