1. The4GunGuy

    SOLD SOLD: EC Tuner Brake 6.5mm SS 5/8-24 Thread

    EC Tuner Brake for sale. In VERY GOOD shape and does the job extremely well. New this was $225.00 Selling for $175.00 shipped to CUS FIRM. Will keep if I don't sell at this price. PayPal Friends & Family only please. You can see my initial review here: EC Tuner Brake - SS 5/8-24 thread...
  2. M

    Rimfire WTB ruger 10/22 stainless barrel

    Im looking to buy a takeoff Ruger 10/22 stainless steel barrel for around 60$
  3. Fisher85

    Firearms FS: Remington 700 SS 308 with TriggerTech (FL)

    Bought this Stainless steel Remington 700 a few months back. I'm the original owner. It is chambered in 308 and is an ADL model so it has the bling magazine. I removed the original x-mark pro trigger and installed a TriggerTech Primary. Only one trip to the range to sight in the rifle and target...
  4. P

    Fieldcraft Painting Stainless Steel Barrel and Action???

    I would like to give the metal work of my stainless steel Howa a coat of matt black paint. I am nearing the end of having a rifle built on a Sako action, and once the dust settles on that, I intend upgrading the stock and the barrel of the Howa, so I don't want to spend too much on it at the...
  5. xxsjj2007xx

    Gunsmithing Stainless Barrel coating.

    This might be in the wrong section but how can you effectivly coat a stainless barrel. I.E. prep work and best product. I would like to do this myself but am a little weary of it. Thanks guys.
  6. lordt313

    stainless steel media?

    is it ok to use stainless steel media in a vibratory tumbler, I have a Lyman 2500, would this tear up the bowl? Also where can one acquire this type of media? Thanks, Taylor Lee
  7. D

    Blackening Stainless Steel

    I am in the process of getting one of the new Rem 700 .223 5-R guns. I see that Robar has a finish for stainless steel where they blacken it. Does anyone have any experience with this finish as far as durability goes? Thanks.
  8. Camo_Toe

    Fieldcraft Can I paint my stainless barrel? NOW WITH PICS!!

    Got a ruger stainless in 243. Want to paint it camo. Only going to be a varmint gun. Can I paint it with regular flat Krylon or will it not stick at all?