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  1. Dr. Davy Jones

    Accessories KRG X-Ray with wood grips, more

    Selling my KRG X-ray 700 SA with wood grips and a rattle can/sponge paint job. Sad to see it go, but I’m hitting pause on the long-range game for a while. It’s in great condition and just a fantastic chassis. As a winter project last year I made the grips from a piece of Black Walnut. I cut...
  2. X

    Folding mech mod on fixed stock

    I’ll start by saying I don’t care if I get made fun of for this. I have done some ridiculously crazy mods to my guns over the years that I was told “weren't possible.” But with enough home R&D and balls I made them work. I also haven’t seen this discussed hardly at all (because it’s nuts I...
  3. S

    Accessories FS Rem 700 SA Magpul Hunter

    I have for sale two Remington 700 SA Magpul Hunter right-hand stocks with mag well kit. These will ship with action screws included. They include QD Sling cup insert in butt stock and pic rail for bipod. Selling for $200 each including mag well kit and are in perfect condition. Normally $300...
  4. TheRealMongo

    SOLD Woox Furiosa Ultra Chassis w/ Hawkins Rem700 DBM SA

    For Sale - LNIB Woox Furiosa Ultra Chassis, comes with Hawkins Precision Rem700 DBM SA bottom metal and includes the internal fore end weight kit. Never mounted, went a different route with the build. My loss, your gain. $SOLD shipped to lower 48 states.
  5. uno_plus

    Left Hand Sale WTS - KMW Sentinel 300WM LEFT HAND

    I would like to sell my KMW Sentinel 300WM build that is pictured (no optic or bipod included). Built by Black Canyon Customs in Denver. Terminus Zeus action, triggertech diamond, Proof sendero 1:9 (unshot), sawtooth arca rail, one AI magazine. Will come with either Cortina tuner brake or...
  6. K


  7. N

    SOLD $500 Manners Cert - $300

    As the title says, a $500 Manners cert selling for $300. Expires 6-18-24 Will send pic discount code to buyer (unless you prefer me to mail it instead). P/P F&F or Venmo.
  8. Berkenen

    Lightweight Stock Recommendation Remington 700 Footprint

    I'm looking for a change for my Curtis Valor SA build, I'm currently sitting with a KRG Bravo stock, but after hauling it around the woods I want something a little lighter that I can also bring out into the woods (albeit great for the range). Preferably something under 2lbs, and the ability to...
  9. Loge

    SOLD Ag composite chalk branch

    Ag composite Chalk branch used heavy Bedded for a defiance deviant M5 inlet Spartan cup installed 400$ obo you pay shipping
  10. S

    SOLD WTS Manners TCS Elite GAP

    Want to sell Manners TCS Elite GAP stock. Comes with accessories shown. Never used. Was purchased for a project that never materialized. $1,500 Will post on gunbroker if it makes you more comfortable with purchase. Trades I’d consider are for a nice quality optic (this list isn’t exhaustive): -...
  11. A

    Why are Foundation stocks popular?

    Thinking of building a new rifle and it looks like Foundation stocks are very popular and I am curious as to why. They look great, but have limited adjustability/customizability compared to a chassis.
  12. wyo_lrhs

    SOLD Howa 6mm Creedmoor

    Howa 1500 SA 6mm Creedmoor 26", 1-7.5T, Threaded 1/2-28 B&C M40 Stock Howa Factory BM APA Gen III Little Bastard Gun has roughly 230 rounds on it. I'll have to check my notes to verify but is somewhere close to that. Gun shoots excellent and is in great shape. I've taken a muley buck at 750...
  13. N

    SOLD Molded Camo Remington 700 Stock -- 700SA Jewell Trigger -- Remington 700 SA Bolt Assembly -- EoTech G33 -- FN SCAR Rear Sight

    Selling a few things I've gathered that I no longer need: 1. McMillan molded camo stock for Remington 700 short action. Will include short action mag box as well. SOLD. 2. Jewell Trigger for Remington 700 short action. Used but very good condition. SOLD. 3. Remington 700 short...
  14. Ak7

    SOLD MCS PRS1 ***SOLD***

    Manners PRS1 for r700 S/A in Elite High Plaines with Gen 2 mini chassis (was skim bedded by GAP). Has an integrated ingenuity rail system, installed by GA Precision. Comes with ingenuity barricade blocks and pic rail. Currently has a new limb saver recoil pad but also comes with a weighted fully...
  15. B

    Accessories McMillan carbon fiber A1-3 flat top (no inletting, no finish) stock. Edge fill. Light!

    Ok, so the original plan was to make a lightweight XM-3 build. I ordered this from McMillan. Plan was for LRI to inlet/paint/finish. While waiting, I bought a HNT26 stock, which I like way more than I thought I would. So, here you go. Willing to pass it on for cost. I'll pay for shipping...
  16. The4GunGuy

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD - FS MDT ACC Premier 700 SA RH Chassis

    THIS ITEM HAS BEEN SOLD MDT ACC 700 SA RH Premier Chassis with some minor cosmetic dings where I had my Baker Wings. Rear bag rider included ($50 value) Rear weight included ($60 value) 2 - Internal front end weights included ($70 value) Short Action Precision Stage Saver included ($12.50...
  17. K


  18. K

    Accessories Magpul CTR Mil-Spec Carbine Stock - Black

    New Magpul CTR Mil-Spec Carbine Stock - Black $45 shipped
  19. K

    SOLD Daniel Defense Furniture

    New Daniel Defense stock, pistol grip and mlok foregrip. $70 shipped.
  20. K

    Accessories arisaka light and BCM stock

    I have a Arisaka scout 600 light and a bcm stock both spray painted but really good condition. $100 shipped for both.