1. K

    Accessories BT-20155 B&T Stock Foldable Polymer With Adaptor For MP5

    BT-20155 B&T Stock Foldable Polymer With Adaptor For MP5 $100 zelle/paypal shipped.
  2. Ace562

    SOLD -got em-

    I am looking for new stocks/Chasis for 2 diff rifles. 1: Rem 700 SA 2: Ruger American SA Looking for Bravo, XRay, Oryx etc.
  3. Z06pilot

    Accessories MPA Matrix Pro R700/SA/RH Midnight Bronze

    MPA Matrix Pro R700/SA/RH Midnight Bronze for sale. A few light scratches, and unbedded. Paypal friends and family, or buyer to pay fees. $1,250 shipped to your door. (Conus only) 
  4. K

    SOLD B5 Stock

    Like new B5 stock. $40 zelle/paypal shipped.
  5. M

    SOLD WTS Greyboe Ridgeback 700 SA stock

    Bought this from another hide member about a year ago and have never used it at all. He claimed he has an origin SA and used it as a truck rifle. He did channel the firearm slightly to free from M24/competition contoured barrels. The bottom metal accepts AICS magazines and he said he used pmag...
  6. M

    SOLD WTS LMT 308 DMR Stock

    Very lightly used DMR stock that I bought off another hide member, I personally did not use it but verified it functionally works 100%. $300 shipped.
  7. Kms33kms

    How do I post in BUY-sell-trade

    I was trying to put an ad in the buy-sell-trade category asking people if they had any used stocks/chassis for sale for a defiance tenacity short action , but when I click on that category it does not give me an option to “post thread” like it does in this category. Just wondering if I were...
  8. Kms33kms

    Is Grayboe as good as McMillan or Manners?

    Fixing to order my barrel for my new tenacity action in a couple days , then after I get my trigger I’ll finally be able to get its stock or chassis. I was wondering if these grayboe fiberglass stocks would be as tough and accurate and durable as the McMillan fiberglass stocks or manners...
  9. O

    Accessories Magpul Hunter Stock

    Magpul Hunter Stock- Remington 700 Short Action,Gray. Brand new, never used. Has not even left the box! (Magpul does include action screws or bottom metal in the packaging.) $165 Shipped hunter-700-stock-remington-700-short-action.html
  10. BigSkyRF

    SOLD Foundation Centurion Dark distresses 737R weights, Arca, hawkins included

    Like the title says, I'm selling my Foundation Centurion Dark distresses inlet for a Impact RH 737R price includes Arca full length rail, hawkins bottom metal, and cheek cover It also has a lead weight kit in it. They are elmers glued in so you can remove them if you want. Weight is 7 pounds 8...
  11. syoakem711

    SOLD MPA Matrix R700SA RH w/full weight kit

    MPA Matrix in burnt bronze. Comes with full internal and external weight kits. It has been used for 2 seasons and shows some wear. Also includes Heckler grip, large vertical grip, large and small lop buttpads, pro and standard cheek risers, thumb rest, and trigger finger spacers. Asking $950 +...
  12. The4GunGuy

    PRS Practice - Culverts!

    Hi everyone! This is "The Culverts" and you can shoot it a couple different ways...Let's take a look.
  13. gcmiller04

    SOLD WTS Zermatt Origin/Proof Research barreled action, Area419 brake, Grayboe Ridgeback, Mags

    FOR SALE: UPDATE: BARRELED ACTION, STOCK, AND BOTH MAGS GONE STILL AVAILABLE: Hellfire Brake ($120), Arca Clamp and Barricade Stop ($80), 3 unopened boxes of Hornady 140g ELD Match 6.5cm ($100) Barreled Action - $1,190 SHIPPED (OBO) Proof Research stainless steel 26" Competition contour 1/8...
  14. Z06pilot

    SOLD MPA Matrix for sale R700/SA/RH Midnight Bronze

    Purchased new Last spring for my vudoo. Unbedded R700/SA/RH. Great condition with a few light scratches as shown. Includes new thin cheek piece with original one as well. Action, scope, weights bipod, thumb rest ect NOT included. This is JUST for the chassis with 2 grips only. I do have the...
  15. J

    SOLD WTS Foundation Centurion (w/ Hawkins BM & ARCA) - SOLD

    For Sale: Used Foundation Centurion - $1100.00 Shipped - Dark Distressed - Impact 737r Inlet - Hawkins M5 Bottom Metal - Foundation Full Length ARCA Rail - Right handed - A few scratches from use but overall in great shape PM with any questions. Trades (+/- cash): impact 737r action, MDT ACC...
  16. K

    SOLD BCM mod 0 stock

  17. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD KRG Bravo rear stock

    Rear stock for KRG Bravo in black-includes cheek pad, LOP spacers and screws. Change up your X-ray or Whiskey 3 with some different ergonomics. Pictures to come- $110 shipped PP F&F or Venmo
  18. T

    SOLD WTB: ZM Weapons or Para Ordnance TTR Folding Retracting Stock: Asking $450.00 - $600.00 OBO

    Looking to buy an original ZM Weapons or a Para Ordnance TTR retractable folding stock, currently I have a ZM Weapons Galil folding adapter with an ACE Stock for partial trade. I'm offering $600.00 for the ZM retractable folding stock by itself or $450.00 for a partial trade. I can offer...
  19. gamecock525

    SOLD SOLD: Bergara HMR Stock with Bottom Metal

    Bergara HMR stock. Remington 700 SA and clones. 3 spacers plus rubber buttpad. Excellent condition. Added a small pic rail where the swivel stud was. Foam on comb was for comfort and can easily be removed. Includes the bottom metal. Asking $275 shipped.
  20. Dr. Davy Jones

    WTB Found

    Looking for a krg bravo SA rem 700, preferably in black. Thanks gents