1. T

    What trigger?

    Just want the pros and cons of 2 stage vs 1 stage, straight vs curves, etc. and what your running on your rifle Thanks By the way, I'm 13
  2. T

    Cheytac bipod setup on straight round tube forearm

    Hey, I've had alot of interest in straight tube bipod cuff layouts. Here's a photo of the potential on the M400 semi-auto 408 rifle (doesn't exist anymore). Am considering a smaller and lighter version made of other than steel materials. If anyone is interested, post your comments please or...
  3. Smokin

    Suppressors Serrated or Straight Blade?

    Folding 3" blade to carry. Which would you pick?
  4. rweldon

    Tricks for keeping a .223 projectile straight

    I just started reloading .223 am I'm having a hard time keeping the projectile straight before seating it. When I can keep it straight, it seats fine, but if it gets a little crooked before seating, it keeps screwing up the casing neck and then I have to resize it. What can I do to assure it...
  5. hofhine1

    Gunsmithing Scope base screws not straight

    I really may be screwed but I thought I'd throw this out for some ideas. I thought I saw this come up a year or so ago, but couldn't find it in the search, or was using the wrong keywords. Problem, I have a 700 in .223 I bought, had barreled and set it in a McM stock I had laying around...
  6. syme71

    Rifle Scopes angle vs straight

    I'm about to buy my first spotting scope. Haven't really used one before. What would be better, an angled or straight eyepiece? I figured this would be the first and last spotting scope I'll nt ever buy so want to get it right. I was leaning towards an angled eyepiece as it seems more...