1. lone_soldier

    Range Report 7mm STW for long range work

    hey guys, well been kickin around the idea of turning my STW into a long range rig. i have a .308 and shoot it out to 800 yrds. but want something to shoot 1000 plus with a little more stank on it without having to buy another rifle. i have a model 70 7mm STW that i use for hunting mainly...
  2. jhedg

    6.5 stw

    Anyone have one? I am looking for some load data, I know it is a barrel burner
  3. L

    7mm STW 26" or 30"

    I just got 2 8mm mags and one needs a barrel so I'm going to build a 7mm STW. I want to get the most out of the cartrige. So can I get by with a 26" barrel or spend a little extra and get the 30"? It will be used for hunting and probablt wont shoot anything heavier than 140 grains. What would br...
  4. R

    7mm STW

    A buddy wants some help working up a good elk-hunting load for his 7mm STW. Will also shoot some whitetails. I'm thinking two different loads. What bullet/powder do you guys like. Didn't see anything in the Reloading Depot on this cartridge. He wants something that will carry plenty of...
  5. M

    7mm STW loads

    Just wondering if anyone has some good reload info for a 7mm stw. Have worked up a few ranging from 150gr to 175's. Always looking for something new.
  6. U

    7mm STW

    I haven't seen much on this site about this cartridge. Why don't I see it used more? I figure that a 7mm bullet going fast seems to work in this sport. Is it just a barrel burner or what?