1. 9

    Gunsmithing Bedding suggestion.

    I'd consider myself fairly handy and very detail oriented. However I'm certainly not a "gunsmith". Sure I've built more AKs (from flats) and assembled more ARs and FALs than I'd ever admitt to, but in my mind that's far from the work that a "precision" gunsmith does. With that said, is pillar...
  2. GUNNER75

    Online Training Question, suggestion, etc.

    First of all, I dig it a lot. Lot's of good info on here. I have been shooting a lot more lately and decided that I needed to buckle down and get with it on consistency all over the board along with technique. Nice to see this available. I have turned several on to precision shooting over...
  3. S

    Gunsmithing M40 Commemorative suggestion

    I do like the quality on the stock bottom metal, so I am looking for suggestion for good quality direct replacement for the bottom metal on the Rem M40 Commemorative.
  4. 03psd

    .22-250 load suggestion

    give me your most accurate .22-250 load suggestions for a 1:14 M700 VSF. I have the following components on hand: Win Brass R&P Brass IMR4064 Varget H380 H414 Nosler 50gr Spitzer Nosler 52gr Ballistic Tip Nosler 52gr BTHP Hornady 52gr BTHP CCI Large Rifle Primers Federal 210 Primers
  5. Twisted

    Rifle Scopes Mark 4 4.5-14x40mm Pic request and ring suggestion

    So I went to my local gun store this evening and had them price me out a Leupy Mark 4, model number 56130, and they priced my about $770 which I thought was a decent price so I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have them order it for me. But before I do I want to verify the turrets. For some reason I can...