1. C

    Fieldcraft Coveralls or BDU for ghillie suit?

    Hi do you guys like to use coveralls ( 1 piece ) or BDU's ( 2 piece ) for your ghillies and why? I heard that BDU is stronger but 1 piece can be more conforatble. Any thoughts? thanks.
  2. awaken

    Rifle Scopes which reticle to suit nxs 3.5-15x50

    What do you guys recommend? they adjust in .250 MOA so I was thinking NP-R1. Give me your thoughts
  3. P

    is sako going to follow suit with a lefty trg22?

    with news that accuracy international is going to produce an aw in a lefty, i was wondering if sako will follow suit with the trg22. maybe its just wishful thinking on my part.
  4. H

    Photos my multicam sniper suit

    This suit was made from a TruSpec base. It has Duro Nylon Multicam covering The entire front of the top,and right where you need it on the pants... with built in Knee, elbow, and kidney pads.It also offers a shoulder pad up in the right shoulder made of a softer foam for reducing recoil effects...
  5. awaken

    Rifle Scopes What rings to suit mark 4 8.5-25 x 50

    Just bought a savage 10FCP with a HS stock and a mark 4 8.5-25 x 50scope I'll never shoot more than 1000 yds, Do you think I shoud use a 20 moa base? and what size leupold mark 4 ring height should I use? High? Dave
  6. Ghillie Zen

    Fieldcraft ghillie - full suit vs partial

    I've been a dealer for Tactical Concealment for awhile now and I am often asked my opinion on whether a full suit, like the "mamba", is better than a 2/3 style like the "cobra" or webtex ghillie cloak. My personal feeling is that the 2/3 style is better because it gives excellent coverage up to...
  7. T

    Fieldcraft Cabelas TCS Ghillie suit

    hey guys i got a question about this suit for a stater is it worth spending money on.