1. Kpchurch

    Suppressor Cover Needed for 22LR Can???

    I’m waiting on my threaded Bartlein barrel I ordered back in Feb 22” to place in my CZ455 in a MDT LLS. When it arrives, I’ve got a TB 22 Takedown that I’ll be placing on it. My question is, should I be looking for a cover? A cover from Cole Tac, AG or similar?
  2. J

    5.7x28 suppressor options

    So there's lots of options for ways to suppress a 5.7. My question is, what can does the best at suppressing that round, yet is still compact and lightweight? The yhm turbo k with a titanium direct thread seems like it would be a good fit. I tried to find some db testing with that combo, so I...

    SOLD WTS - 50% off TBAC Suppressor Certificate - $250 obo

    Sold!!! Up for grabs - I have one 50% off certificate for any Thunder Beast Arms suppressor - purchase must be made directly from TBAC and can be used on any of their cans, including the .338 can which would save you roughly $900. Asking $250 - postage included. Paypal preferred for payment -...
  4. jkramlich

    Best Can for 6.5 creedmoor

    I don’t mean to beat around a dead horse, but I am needing some opinions on the best quality suppressor for a 6.5 creedmoor. I have talked with many different local shooters and they all seem to give different answers. Weight isn’t really a big deal as this specific rifle will be used for bench...
  5. K

    Suppressors - any good alternates to TBAC?

    So I am finally set on getting my first can. There are 2 main reasons. 1) my first (of 4) kids is on the small side. He accepts recoil, and even got his first elk last year at 10 years 3 months old. But it is hard to practice for to long with anything bigger than a 223 for him. Even the 6.5CM...
  6. J

    Suppressors How to use Q honey badger cherry bomb with Dead Air Sandman S silencer?

    Hello all, I just bought a Honey badger which has the default cherry bomb muzzle device as well as a Dead Air Sandman S suppressor and I am wondering if there is any way I can attach that suppressor to my honey badger without having to remove the cherry bomb? I know the Dead Air's keymo mount...
  7. M

    .338 Suppresor?

    I see that AI has some of their muzzle brakes threaded for suppressors. What would the best way to set up a barrel so it had a brake with the ability to suppress it down the road? What would the best suppressor for this be? I am doing a custom build, not an AI.
  8. Madpipe

    Gunsmithing Having a Suppresor

    What do you need to do to own one in Colorado