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Apr 3, 2008
Re: Having a Suppresor

Bacarrat... you left out the one thing - TIME. Plan on waiting at least 6 months to have your paper work go throuh


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Jul 12, 2008
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Re: Having a Suppresor

Colorado does not require anything extrodinarly outside of the BATFE.
The BATFE requires the folowing for a personal transfer.
2 completed Form 4's
2 completed citizenship forms
2 passport size photo's affixted to each form 4's
LEO sign of to each form 4
2 completed fingerprint cards
$200 dollars
and a partridge in a pear tree.

However the Revocable Living Trust route is a much easier route
Get a lawyer or Quicken Willmaker and set up the trust.
Only need to fill out the
2 form 4's (no LEO signature needed or passport pics)
2 citizenship forms (some say you don't have to, but my examiner told me to)
1 copy of the entire trust (again I consulted my particular examiner)
1 copy of Declaration of trust
1 copy of schedule A
$200 dollars

I've done both routes and the RLT is the way go.
Some LEO's are unwilling to sign off on a form 4 for any item.
Mine just gave me strange looks and questions, most really have no idea these are legal in most states anyways.

If you call Denver Bullets and talk to Greg, he can also offer information.
There are of course many other Class 3 dealers in this state that are just as reputeable and will offer info. needed for the purchase, just DB has been my goto.
If I have missed anything i'm sure someone else will add.

Good luck


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Jan 25, 2009
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Re: Having a Suppresor

I went the RLT route with a Form 1 suppressor build. Used Quicken Willmaker to set up the trust. Submitted the 2 Form 1's and citizen certs. with my $200 check and in 79 days I was starting construction.

The trust route is the way to go....