1. dustingaunder

    Accessories SOLD: AAC 51T Mounts

    I have a few new in package 51T mounts that I’m probably never going to use. 1/2-28 Flash Hider 5.56 $55 each shipped priority mail. If you want more than 1, the first is $55 and they’re $50 each after that until the flat rate box is full. I have a couple of each. I was fully invested in AAC...
  2. B

    How do you get a Class III?

    I’m interested in getting a Suppressor for my Alamo Precision Rifle?
  3. G

    Accessories DeadAir Brake/Suppressor Mount

    I have a DeadAir muzzle brake for attaching my sandman suppressor. I no longer need it since I added the newer nomad threading suppressor. This is the 7.62 deadair brake/suppressor mount and was mounted on my 300 blk and fired twice. Will include mounting shims. Still looks clean and new...
  4. Nicholi2789

    Accessories All done - please delete

  5. F

    Best barrel length for suppressed AR-10?

    Apologies if this thread already exists, however I could find nothing... maybe for good reason?... just another semi-auto gunner trying to think like a precision bolt gunner? IDK...maybe. I know suppressors vary in design so I'm wondering what I need to consider going into a new barrel purchase...
  6. Gunfighter716

    Accessories SOLD: Area 419 TBAC CB/Ultra Hellfire Gen 2 Suppressor Mount - New

    New Area 419 TBAC CB/Ultra Hellfire Gen 2 Suppressor Mount with Hellfire wrench. Does not include Hellfire adapter that installs on your barrel. Price is $95 shipped. PayPal preferred.

    Suppressors DWELL TIME PODCAST EPISODE 27 - Silencers 101: Sound Testing UPDATE

    Griffin Armament Founder and product designer, Austin Green, joins us for this episode where was go in-depth on the integration of our B&K Pulse system, testing standards, system parameters, and all that went in to getting up and running with the new system. Austin is a subject matter expert in...
  8. Near miss

    Rimfire can cleaning

    Been an owner of Ase Utra Eco can for 2 years now. I have noticed that cleaning the can has become quite easy after dropping around 5 drops of oil like motor oil into the can before shooting the last magazine. The shots will mix the oil everywhere in the can. I do not do this every range...
  9. EHans34

    Suppressors .300 Win Mag Suppressor

    I’m looking to buy a suppressor for my .300 win mag. Does anyone have any recommendations? I don’t care if it’s really long and bulky or expensive.
  10. Safety_3rd

    Firearms Thunderbeast 338 SR for sale Form 3, can ship tomorrow

    I've got a Thunderbeast 338 SR, a 5/8-24, and a 3/4-24 brake (I think this is the other one, I will confirm). I bought it to use on my 338 Lapua and the smaller brake to try and shoot it on my 6.5 creed. I've not shot it with the 338, and have 50 rounds of 6.5 through it. Selling to fund...
  11. B

    Suppressors Pre-SHOT Show .30 Cal First Can Suggestions?

    Hey Y'all, Is there a consensus best first suppressor purchase? My use case is mostly range and hunting: Caliber: .30 cal to .223 Action: bolt action or semiauto rifles Mount: I've got no direct thread or QD mount preference. Price: <$1200 Weight: <1 lbs, premium for lightweight Length: <8"...
  12. G

    Suppressors 3d printed multi-wrench for the Obsidian 45

    I modeled a 3d printable Obsidian 45 wrench over the holidays and posted a few other places, but figured my Obsidian shooting Hide brethren might be interested as well. I drew up a basic hex wrench for swapping my Liberty Sovereign mounts a while ago and wanted to do something similar for my...
  13. G


    I have an 7.62 AAC 51T muzzle in excellent condition. Does not come with any shims. Asking SOLD Money Order or PayPal add 3.5%
  14. Squeeeeze

    Suppressors SAS Armament Suppressor MX upgrade

    Just curious if anybody has done the MX upgrade? Or maybe compared side by side the same suppressor in the MX vs. their previous baffle stack. I have a Resistor in .308 and a Sentinel in .223 that I really like and super accurate. I have 2 of the Reapers coming (bought as huge discounted...
  15. Draco877

    Suppressors First time buyer and want to only get one or two at most to cover all bases

    Howdy, I have the itch to buy a suppressor and want the most, or in a this case least, bang for my buck. I am unsure whether to get one or two to cover all my bases. Currently I have an AR-15 in 5.56mm, a savage 10 in .308WIN, and a pistol in .45 ACP that I plan to use it on. I am also planning...
  16. lowlight

    Integrally Suppressed Ruger Precision Rifle Video

    Thursday RayDog from ThunderBeast Arms was kind enough to come out to Fort Morgan with Myself, Alan from Machine Gun Tours and Witt Machine (Ken, Jessie, Alex) to sound test their suppressed Rugers. We tested the following 308 RPR - Supersonic and Subsonic 6.5CM - SuperSonic 6CM - Super Sonic...
  17. lowlight

    Intergral Suppressed RPR

    Machine Gun Tours here in CO has put together several Integral Suppressed Ruger Precision Rifles along with Witt Machine. I took them out yesterday and I have to say, super impressed. <iframe...
  18. Oakland Tactical

    Desert Tech Rifles in stock and ready to ship!

    We have every caliber and color of SRS A1s and Coverts in stock (Including newly built factory exclusive OD Green). Call for your best price, nobody will beat our deals. Suppressors and Optics bundles are available too.
  19. W

    Suppressors Suppressor 5.56 .22LR Battle Comp

    Working through decision process for first suppressor, advice welcome! Use case: Hunting hogs or coyotes at night with 5.56 in small group, all others have suppressors. Re-stated, shooting standing un-supported under 200yds, mostly under 100yds at night. Second use case is practice with...
  20. lowlight

    Suppressors TAB GEAR Video, Updating Suppressor Covers

    I paid a visit to TAB GEAR Last week, and shot a bunch of video. The first video is just an introduction to some of the changes taking place to the SAS 2 & SAS 3 suppressor covers. Tony will be updating these two covers, as well you'll be something another model hitting the street. Can't say...