1. W

    Cutting a hogue stock

    Hi all, I have a hogue stock on my Remington and being in the U.K. I have a moderator on it. My mod is a modular over barrel device and I have finally managed to get a longer rear tube set. Issue is it’s marginally too long. So I either need to cut the tubes or the for end of the stock- it only...
  2. J

    Suppressors UPDATES: Dead Air Nomad LT and Nomad Ti - a few questions

    Dead Air Suppressor Update - Just got my stamp for my Dead Air Nomad LT. Still waiting on my Dead Air Nomad Ti's on eForms since Jan so fingers crossed any day now? Also considering getting another Nomad LT or Ti and a Dead Air Mask HD. Gathering accessories for these Nomad...
  3. woodmtw

    WTB Looking for TBAC 50% or 100% cert

    Hello SH Forum, I've got $1,100 for anyone who'd like to part with a 100% TBAC suppressor certificate; or $300 for anyone who'd like to part with a 50% TBAC cert. Can pay via PayPal or Apple Pay (preferred). THANKS in advance!

    Suppressors Introducing the EZ-LOK™ System!

    Griffin Armament is proud to present you with the latest QD piston system, EZ-LOK™! We've put together a comparison video for you that goes over the Griffin CAM-LOK® system vs the new EZ-LOK™ system vs tradition piston attachment systems. The Griffin Armament EZ-LOK™ is our new...
  5. Nicholi2789

    Accessories Thunderbeast 50% off cert

    Hey guys, I have a 50% off any Thunderbeast suppressor certificate. Can be used on any of their cans including the 338Ultra or Dominus for which this cert will save you $1000. Can provide an email from Thunderbeast that shows this cert is valid. Asking $400 OBO Thanks guys
  6. benson821

    Rex Silentium Sale

    Good morning folks, THIS IS IT!!! THE LAST BLACK FRIDAY SALE OF THIS SIZE!!! PUBLIC BLACK FRIDAY SALE (30% off!) until 11-29-21 Just watned to throw this out there that Rex Silentium is doing his last big. 30% off advertised price on his website using the coupon code on the main page. If...
  7. C

    Suppressors Bauer Precision has all suppressors 15% off

    Bauer Precision has all in-stock suppressors 15% off with the code SUMMER. You still have to pay whatever fee your local SOT dealer will charge to hold it it while your stamp processes, but if I had bought my Ultra 7 from them at this discount instead of from the local dealer, I would have come...
  8. Dr. Davy Jones

    Suppressors Exact Length of YHM Resonator R2 (30 cal)

    Hi all, Can an actual owner of the Resonator R2 give me an exact length w/o the QD attachment? I just bought one with a direct thread adapter and am wanting to order a cover for it from Cole-tac. They say on their website that listed manufacturer measurements aren’t always accurate so here I...
  9. B

    Stolen Suppressors

    So I apply, 8 months goes by, and despite written email requests will not tell me when they are shipping it. Then they "ship" it via USPS not requiring a signature, don't ever send me a tracking number, and its stolen out of the mailbox. Idiots. So I'll deal with them...
  10. Y

    Accessories Worlds largest american made Vise. 8" WIlton machinist bullet vise NEW. Advice who to trade it to please

    Traded thx hide So what we have is the result of a trade gone awry. I agreed with a group to do some work for a vise. Did a few thousand in work but its a non profit so whatever they needed the help. Well sight unseen and what do I get? A wilton bullet machinst vice 8" jaw, 12" opening 5 13/16"...
  11. Fulcrum

    Suppressors Anybody Familiar with this suppressor

    Hi, i saw this BRO Aris Suppressor but the problem is that it looks different than the one the company has on their website. The branding is not in the middle and the weight is around 38 ounces instead of 21 ounces. any ideas ?
  12. dustingaunder

    Accessories SOLD: AAC 51T Mounts

    I have a few new in package 51T mounts that I’m probably never going to use. 1/2-28 Flash Hider 5.56 $55 each shipped priority mail. If you want more than 1, the first is $55 and they’re $50 each after that until the flat rate box is full. I have a couple of each. I was fully invested in AAC...
  13. B

    How do you get a Class III?

    I’m interested in getting a Suppressor for my Alamo Precision Rifle?
  14. G

    Accessories DeadAir Brake/Suppressor Mount

    I have a DeadAir muzzle brake for attaching my sandman suppressor. I no longer need it since I added the newer nomad threading suppressor. This is the 7.62 deadair brake/suppressor mount and was mounted on my 300 blk and fired twice. Will include mounting shims. Still looks clean and new...
  15. Nicholi2789

    Accessories All done - please delete

  16. F

    Best barrel length for suppressed AR-10?

    Apologies if this thread already exists, however I could find nothing... maybe for good reason?... just another semi-auto gunner trying to think like a precision bolt gunner? IDK...maybe. I know suppressors vary in design so I'm wondering what I need to consider going into a new barrel purchase...
  17. Gunfighter716

    Accessories SOLD: Area 419 TBAC CB/Ultra Hellfire Gen 2 Suppressor Mount - New

    New Area 419 TBAC CB/Ultra Hellfire Gen 2 Suppressor Mount with Hellfire wrench. Does not include Hellfire adapter that installs on your barrel. Price is $95 shipped. PayPal preferred.

    Suppressors DWELL TIME PODCAST EPISODE 27 - Silencers 101: Sound Testing UPDATE

    Griffin Armament Founder and product designer, Austin Green, joins us for this episode where was go in-depth on the integration of our B&K Pulse system, testing standards, system parameters, and all that went in to getting up and running with the new system. Austin is a subject matter expert in...
  19. Near miss

    Rimfire can cleaning

    Been an owner of Ase Utra Eco can for 2 years now. I have noticed that cleaning the can has become quite easy after dropping around 5 drops of oil like motor oil into the can before shooting the last magazine. The shots will mix the oil everywhere in the can. I do not do this every range...
  20. EHans34

    Suppressors .300 Win Mag Suppressor

    I’m looking to buy a suppressor for my .300 win mag. Does anyone have any recommendations? I don’t care if it’s really long and bulky or expensive.